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Free to Lose

An Introduction to Marxist Economic Philosophy

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  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction
    • The Private Property Sustem
    • Exploitation
    • Classes
    • Historical Materialism
    • Capitalism and Freedom
    • Method
    • A Preview
  • 2. The Origin of Exploitation
    • An Egalitarian Distribution of Capital
    • The Technical Definition of Exploitation
    • Unequal Ownership of the Capital Stock
    • The Causes of Exploitation
    • The Industrial Reserve Army
    • Concluding Comments
  • 3. Feudalism and Capitalism
    • A Brief Account of Feudalism
    • A Difference between Capitalism and Feudalism
  • 4. Exploitation and Profits
    • Embodied Labor and Exploitation
    • Prices and the Profit Rate
    • The Relationship between Exploitation and Profits
    • An Economy with Many Produced Goods
    • The Social Division of Labor and the Perception of Exploitation
    • The Labor Theory of Value
  • 5. The Morality of Exploitation
    • Exploitation as the Source of Profits
    • The Initial Distribution
    • Justification of Unequal Distribution
  • 6. The Emergence of Class
    • A Definition of Equilibrium for a Corn Model with Assets
    • Class Formation
    • Class and Wealth
    • Class and Exploitation
    • The Significance of Class
    • Exploitation Deemphasized
  • 7. Exploitation without a Labor Market
    • The Corn Economy with a Capital Market
    • Capital Market Island: The Five-Class Model
    • Capital Markets and Workers’ Cooperatives
    • Exploitation without Labor or Capital Markets
    • International Capitalism: Imperialism and Labor Migration
    • Domination versus Exploitation versus Property Relations
  • 8. Historical Materialism
    • Economic Structure, Productive Forces, and Superstructure
    • The Role of Class Struggle
    • The Logic of the Theory
    • Challenges from Economic History
    • Evolving Property Relations
  • 9. Evolving Forms of Exploitation
    • Historical Materialism and Private Property
    • The Failure of Surplus Value as a Measure of Exploitation
    • A Property-Relations Approach to Capitalist Exploitation
    • Feudal Exploitation
    • A Comparison of Revolutionary Transitions
    • Socialist Exploitation
    • Socially Necessary Exploitation
    • Syndicalization versus Socialization
  • 10. Public Ownership of the Means of Production
    • The Case for Public Ownership
    • Three Political Philosophies
    • The Story of Able and Inform
    • Characterization of an Economic Constitution
    • Evaluation
  • 11. Epilogue
  • Appendix: Statements and Proofs of Theorems
  • Bibliographical Notes
  • References
  • Index

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