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Freedom's Law

The Moral Reading of the American Constitution

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Publication Date: 04/25/1997


416 pages

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  • Introduction: The Moral Reading and the Majoritarian Premise
  • Part 1: Life, Death, and Race
    • 1. Roe in Danger
    • 2. Verdict Postponed
    • 3. What the Constitution Says
    • 4. Roe Was Saved
    • 5. Do We Have a Right to Die?
    • 6. Gag Rule and Affirmative Action
  • Part 2: Speech, Conscience, and Sex
    • 7. The Press on Trial
    • 8. Why Must Speech Be Free?
    • 9. Pornography and Hate
    • 10. MacKinnon’s Words
    • 11. Why Academic Freedom?
  • Part 3: Judges
    • 12. Bork: The Senate’s Responsibility
    • 13. What Bork’s Defeat Meant
    • 14. Bork’s Own Postmortem
    • 15. The Thomas Nomination
    • 16. Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas
    • 17. Learned Hand
  • Notes
  • Sources
  • Index

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