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Harvard Historical Studies 125

From the Other Shore

Russian Social Democracy after 1921

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Publication Date: 05/01/1999


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Harvard Historical Studies


While the Bolsheviks have long had books—even libraries—devoted to them, the Mensheviks have had to wait until now for a first-rate account of their work and fate. André Liebich…has finally done justice to a group which history had dealt with unjustly.—Theodore Draper, The New York Review of Books

[An] important new book… From the Other Shore raises the question of what would have happened if the Mensheviks had prevailed in 1917. Would they have gone the route of the Bolsheviks, laying the groundwork for the repressive totalitarianism to follow? Or would they have found another path committing themselves to a radical transformation of Russian society while at the same time…respecting the political liberties of their opponents?… Although Liebich identifies closely with Martov’s group, he avoids the temptation of reading back into its history an early and absolute division from the Bolsheviks… Liebich asks us to see the Mensheviks as something more than political losers. They stand, he writes, ‘at the very heart of the crisis of Marxism.’ Our judgment of them as political actors and thinkers—as a possible alternative leadership for a revolutionary Russia—can help determine whether Marxism has any legitimate claim as a serious and honorable political tradition or deserves nothing better than its current consignment to the dustbin of history.—Maurice Isserman, The New York Times Book Review

This book is a tremendous piece of scholarship, charting the evolution of the Russian Menshevik leaders during 40 years of exile and their influence within the wider social-democratic parties, especially in Germany and Austria…for uncovering the extent of their influence and the significance of their analyses, Professor Liebich deserves our gratitude.—Paul Hampton, Workers’ Liberty

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