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Sexual Selection and Animal Genitalia

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Publication Date: 12/01/1985

244 pages



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  • 1. An Introduction to the Problem
    • Operational Definitions
    • A Survey of Animal Genitalia
    • Genitalic Extravagance
  • 2. Previous Hypotheses: Their Status to Date
    • Lock and Key
    • Genitalic Recognition
    • Pleiotropism
    • Mechanical Conflict of Interest
    • Summary
  • 3. Tests of the Lock and Key and Genitalic Recognition Hypotheses
    • Lock and Key
    • Species Isolation
  • 4. Tests of the Other Hypotheses and a Summary
    • Pleiotropism
    • Arnold’s Modification
    • Mechanical Conflict of Interest
    • Summary
  • 5. Sexual Selection by Female Choice
    • The Function of Copulation
    • The Female Choice Hypothesis
    • Effects of Female Choice on Genitalia
    • Mechanical Fit of Genitalia
    • Genitalia and Overall Male Fitness
    • Major Evolutionary Patterns That Are Explained
    • Relationships to Other Hypotheses
  • 6. Male–Male Genitalic–Genitalic Competition
    • Sperm Displacement
    • Clasping Devices
    • Male Adaptations That Short-cut Female Choice
    • Topology of Female Reproductive Systems Too
    • Summary
  • 7. Female Discretion after Genitalic–Genitalic Contact
    • Intromission
    • Insemination
    • Sperm Transport
    • Sperm Destruction, Storage, and Activation
    • Egg Maturation and Fetal Nourishment
    • Oviposition Rate
    • Tendency to Remate
    • Summary
  • 8. Remating by Females
    • Strict Behavioral Monogamy Induced by Males
    • Copulatory Plugs
    • Antiaphrodisiacs
    • Short-lived Females
    • Monogamy in Termites
    • Determining Remating Frequencies
    • The Best Field Data on Remating Frequencies
    • Heliconius Butterflies: A Test Case
    • Sex Ratios and Sperm Exhaustion
    • Summary
  • 9. Apparent Contradictions of the Female Choice Hypothesis
    • Interspecific Differences in Female Genitalia
    • Lack of Species Specificity in Genitalia
    • High Paternal Investment in Offspring
    • Intraspecific Uniformity of Genitalia
    • Spermatophore Complexity and Male–Female Contact
    • Infrequency of Postcopulatory Courtship
    • Patterns of Genitalic Change
    • Summary
  • 10. Use of Genitalia as Stimulators
    • External Movements
    • Intromission without Insemination
    • Movements within the Female
    • Indirect Evidence
  • 11. Specialized Nongenitalic Male Structures
  • 12. Conclusions and an Overview
  • References
  • Index

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