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Harvard Studies in Cultural Anthropology 2

The Flow of Life

Essays on Eastern Indonesia

Edited by James J. Fox

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Publication Date: 07/29/1980

372 pages

15 halftones, 11 line illustrations, 3 maps, 3 tables

Harvard Studies in Cultural Anthropology


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  • Introduction [James J. Fox]
  • Part One: Marriage, Alliance, and Exchange
    • 1. Principles and Variations in the Structure of Sumbanese Society [Rodney Needham]
    • 2. The Marriage Nexus among the Manggarai of West Flores [John L. Gordon]
    • 3. Concordance, Structure, and Variation: Considerations of Alliance in Kédang [Robert H. Barnes]
    • 4. Obligation and Alliance: State Structure and Moiety Organization in Thie, Roti [James J. Fox]
    • 5. The Social Organization of the Ema of Timor [Brigitte Clamagirand]
    • 6. Descent, Alliance, and Exchange Ideology among the Makassae of East Timor [Shepard Forman]
    • 7. Notes on the Meaning of Marriage Prestations among the Huaulu of Seram [Valerto Valeri]
  • Part Two: Systems of Social and Symbolic Classification
    • 8. The Significance of Livestock on Sumba [L. Onvlee; translated from the Dutch by James J. Fox and Heriny Fokker-Bakker]
    • 9. Structural Aspects of East Sumbanese Art [Marie Jeanne Adams]
    • 10. The Order and Significance of the Savunese House [N. L. Kana; translated from the Indonesian by James J. Fox]
    • 11. The Symbolic Classification of the Atoni of Timor [H. G. Schulte Nordholt]
    • 12. Incursions upon Wehali: A Modern History of an Ancient Empire [Gérard Francillon]
    • 13. Boiled Woman and Broiled Man: Myths and Agricultural Rituals of the Bunaq of Central Timor [Claude Friedsero; translated from the French by Elizabeth Traube]
    • 14. Mambai Rituals of Black and White [Elizabeth Traube]
  • Part Three: Eastern Indonesia as a Field of Ethnological Study
    • 15. The Concept of the Field of Ethnological Study [P. E. de Josselin de Jong]
    • 16. Models and Metaphors: Comparative Research in Eastern Indonesia [James J. Fox]
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index

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