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The Glassworkers of Carmaux

French Craftsmen and Political Action in a Nineteenth-Century City

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Publication Date: 10/15/1980

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A model for urban history studies. Utilizing the current techniques of quantitative measurements but without sacrificing any of the time-tested tools of the profession, [Scott] has traced the impact of industrialization and the development of class-consciousness among the French artisan glassworkers in the late 19th century… An absorbing story.—Frank Fox, History

An enlightening addition to the growing American contribution to the history of France’s turbulent Third Republic.—David H. Pinkney, Journal of Interdisciplinary History

An important book, well written and thoroughly researched. Its rather narrow focus belies its conceptual breadth and the impact of this kind of historical research on our understanding of the laboring population’s experience of industrialization.—Theresa M. McBride, Journal of Social History

This book is superb social history, one of the most important recent studies of French industrialization.—John Merriman, Social History

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