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Gnys at Wrk

A Child Learns to Write and Read

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$42.00 • £33.95 • €38.00

ISBN 9780674354906

Publication Date: 10/15/1985


240 pages

6 x 9-1/4 inches

12 line-art, 1 halftone


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This well-documented study is a first—a thorough and extensive case study of a child who ‘taught’ himself to read and write…before starting school. The book will be of peak interest to educators and researchers in psychology and linguistics who are as curious about written language development and the process of learning to write as they are curious about initial language acquisition and learning to read.Contemporary Psychology

Gnys at Wrk is eminently readable, admirably systematic, full of human interest and never sloppy; best of all, the conclusions of the study challenge many teachers’ most cherished beliefs and practices.The Times Higher Education Supplement

An instructive, happily detailed record of learning to write and read, which finds educational implications for all children in the progress of one.Kirkus Reviews

A fascinating drama of one little boy’s acquisition of the first stage of literacy, with a scientific analysis of the underlying theories and research.—Jeanne Chall, Harvard University

An exciting integrated account of developments that have almost always been studied in isolation from each other and over short periods. Bissex’s observations, and her conclusions, are of educational as well as scientific importance.—Charles Read, University of Wisconsin–Madison

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