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Harvard Economic Studies 155

Growth, Distribution, and Prices

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ISBN 9780674364165

Publication Date: 01/01/1987


584 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

114 line illustrations, 30 tables

Harvard Economic Studies


    • 1. Introduction
  • I. Growth and Distribution with Homogenous Capital and Output
    • 2. The Neoclassical Approach
    • 3. The Neo-Marxian Approach
    • 4. The Neo-Keynesian Approach
    • 5. Neo-Marxian and Neo-Keynesian Conceptions of the Labor Market
    • 6. Generalizing the Classics: The Cambridge Saving Equation
    • 7. Foundations for the Cambridge Saving Equation
    • 8. Some Hybrid Models
    • 9. Variable Proportions
    • 10. Marginal Productivity and Marginal-Productivity Theory
  • II. General Equilibrium: The Problems of Heterogenous Capital and Output
    • 11. The Basic Models in the Multiple-Good Context
    • 12. Multiple Technologies: The Reswitching Debate
    • 13. Continuous Substitution
    • 14. Monopoly and Degree-of-Monopoly Theory
  • III. Toward an Understanding of Capitalism
    • 15. An Overall Summary
    • 16. Testing the Models: Energy and Employment
    • 17. Alternative Theories of Saving
    • 18. Distinguishing Saving Theories Empirically
    • 19. Criticism and Evaluation
    • 20. A Synthesis of Marx and Keynes
    • 21. Final Words
  • Notes on the Literature
  • References
  • Index

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