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The Triumph of the Snake Goddess

Kaiser Haq

Introduction by Wendy Doniger

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  • Introduction: Sympathy for the Devi: Snakes and Snake Goddesses in Hinduism [Wendy Doniger]
    • Manasa and the Nagas
    • Snakes in the Vedas
    • Snakes in the Mahabharata
    • The Churning of the Ocean
    • The Fight between Kadru and Vinata
    • The Death of Parikshit
    • Ruru’s Snakebitten Bride
    • The Birth of Astika
    • The Curse of the Dogs
    • Uttanka and the Earrings
    • Janamejaya’s Snake Sacrifice
    • The Burning of the Khandava Forest
    • Krishna and Kaliya
    • Nagas in Early Indian Buddhism
    • The Ambivalent Goddess
  • Prologue
    • The Manasa Canon
    • Putting Together a Composite Version
    • The Core Story
    • From Puranic to Folk
    • An Ambiguous Deity
    • The Hassan-Hossein Episode
    • An Epic of Cultural Reconciliation
    • Manasa in Performance
    • Lasting Appeal
  • I. In the Divine Realm
    • Creation
    • The Revenge of the Valakhilyas
    • The Menace of Taraka
    • The Birth of Parvati and Her Marriage with Shiva
    • The Birth of Ganesha and Kartikeya
    • The Slaying of Taraka the Asura
    • The Birth of Chandradhara
    • Shiva’s Dalliances
    • The Birth of Manasa
    • Manasa’s Forest Exile
    • The Churning of the Seas
    • The Marriages of Manasa and Neta
    • The Sarpa Satra
    • Looking Earthward
  • II. In the Realm of the Merchant King
    • Winning over Cowherds
    • The Battle with Hassan and Hossein
    • Jalu and Malu
    • Neutralizing Chand’s Occult Power
    • The Slaying of Shankha-Dhanvantari
    • The Killing of Dhona and Mona
    • Eliminating Chand’s Six Sons
    • Usha and Aniruddha Press-Ganged by Padma
    • The Birth of Lakshmindar and Behula
    • The Adventures and Misadventures of Chand the Merchant King
    • The Return Voyage
    • The Marriage of Behula and Lakshmindar
    • Death in the Steel Chamber
    • Behula’s River Journey
    • The Resolution
  • Notes
  • Sources
  • Glossary
  • Acknowledgments

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