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The Whale Problem

A Status Report

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Publication Date: 01/01/1974

419 pages


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  • Editor’s Preface
  • 1. Conference Summary
    • A Digest of the Major Conclusions of The Conference
    • Report of the Working Group on Biology and Natural History
    • Report of the Working Group on Regional Populations
    • Report of the Working Group on Biometrics and Management
    • Members of the Conference
  • 2. Current Status
    • 1. Distribution and Abundance of Whales in Relation to Basic Productivity [J. A. Gulland]
    • 2. Status of the Whale Populations off the West Coast of South Africa, and Current Research [Peter B. Best]
    • 3. Off Durban [Ray Gambell]
    • 4. On Whale Exploitation in the Eastern Part of the North Atlantic Ocean [Åge Jonsgård]
    • 5. Present Status of Northwest Atlantic Fin and Other Whale Stocks [Edward Mitchell]
    • 6. Whales and Whale Research in the Eastern North Pacific [Dale W. Rice]
    • 7. Research on Whale Biology of Japan With Special Reference to the North Pacific Stocks [Hideo Omura and Seiji Ohsumi]
    • 8. Baleen Whales Off Continental Chile [Anelio Aguayo L.]
    • 9. Status of Antarctic Rorqual Stocks [D. G. Chapman]
    • 10. Whale Populations and Current Research off Western Australia [J. L. Bannister]
  • 3. Biology
    • 11. The Biology of the Sperm Whale as it Relates to Stock Management [Peter B. Best]
    • 12. The Relation of the Natural History of Whales to Their Management [G. A. Bartholomew]
  • 4. Management and Conservation
    • 13. The Role and History of the International Whaling Commission [J. L. Mchugh]
    • 14. Estimation of Population Parameters of Antarctic Baleen Whales [0. G. Chapman]
    • 15. Recruitment to Whale Stocks [K. Radway Allen]
    • 16. Further Development of Whale Sighting Theory [Takeyuki Doi]
    • 17. Reflections on the Management of Whaling [Scott Mcvay]
  • 5. Field Methods
    • 18. Radio-Telemetric Studies of Two Species of Small Odontocete Cetaceans [W. E. Evans]
    • 19. New Tagging and Tracking Methods for the Study of Marine Mammal Biology and Migration [Kenneth S. Norris, William E. Evans, G. Carleton Ray]
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Plates

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