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The Harvard Book

Selections from Three Centuries, Revised Edition

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Publication Date: 05/21/1982


520 pages

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  • Preface
  • I. What Is This Place?
    • Anonymous: In Respect of the College (1643)
    • Samuel Eliot Morison: John Harvard and the Note of Freedom (1636–1936)
    • William James: The True Harvard (1903)
    • Walter Prichard Eaton: Here’s to the Harvard Accent! (1936)
    • David McCord: The Lights Come On (1941)
    • Donald Moffat: One View of Harvard (1948)
    • John F. Kennedy: Sower of the Seed (1957)
    • Archibald MacLeish: When We Think Now of the Greatness of the University, We Think First of the Dead (1976)
    • Five Presidents: Toward a Definition of Harvard (1869–1980)
  • II. Pedagogues and Pupils
    • Henry Dunster: Considerations (1654)
    • Cotton Mather: Harvard from Hoar to Mather (1702)
    • Clifford K. Shipton: The Nephew of Uncle Experience (c. 1730)
    • David Sewall: Father Flynt’s Journey to Portsmouth (1754)
    • Andrew Preston Peabody: Old Pop (c. 1830)
    • Presidential Tact: Four Letters from Four Presidents (1829–1862)
    • Thomas Hill: A Collecting Trip with Louis Agassiz (1848)
    • John T. Wheelwright and Frederic J. Stimson: How Rollo Came to Be Examined (1880)
    • George Santayana: The Harvard Yard (1882–1912)
    • Richard C. Evarts: Examination for Alice (1913)
    • Theodore Pearson: President Lowell Builds His Harvard (1925)
    • Nathan M. Pusey: An Island of Light (1925)
    • Séan O’Faoláin: Harvard—Vintage 1926—Very Dry (1926)
    • Rollo Walter Brown: The Old Dean (1934)
    • John H. Finley, Jr.: A Cambridge Horatian (1945)
    • Jacob Loewenberg: Emerson Hall Revisited (1948)
    • John T. Bethell: Listening to Music with Woody (1969
    • Kevin Starr: Memories and Reflections on the Occasion of Reading Samuel Johnson by my Former Neighbor, Mr. Walter Jackson Bate (1978)
  • III. Trouble under the Elms
    • Mistress Eaton: I Own the Shame and Confess My Sin (1639)
    • Edward Holyoke: The Burning of Harvard Hall (1764)
    • Samuel Chandler: A College Tragedy (1773)
    • Eliphalet Pearson: Journal of Disorders (1778)
    • Augustus Peirce: Overture to the Riot (1818)
    • Cleveland Amory: Dr. Parkman Takes a Walk (1849)
    • Ellery Sedgwick: Jane Toppan’s Case (1892)
    • Victor O. Jones: When Riots Were Riots (1928)
    • James B. Conant: I Hadn’t the Stomach to Apologize to the Faculty (1939)
    • Steven Kelman: Meeting Mr. McNamara (1966)
  • IV. “You Can Tell a Harvardian…”
    • A Series of Excerpts: Keep Thou the College Laws (1655–1790)
    • Thomas Shepard, Jr.: “That Precious Time You Now Misspend” (1672)
    • Richard Waldron: A Freshman Guide (1735)
    • Frederic West Holland: A Freshman Hazing (1827)
    • Oliver Wendell Holmes: Of Cambridge and Female Society (1828–1830)
    • James Woodbury Boyden: Examined for Entrance (1838)
    • Thomas Hill: There Is Nothing but Mischief in Their Heads (1839)
    • William Tucker Washburn: A Meeting of the Med. Fac. (c. 1858)
    • Robert Nathan: Peter Kindred’s First Days (1919)
    • Burris Young: Sage Warnings to Freshmen (1980)
  • V. Sports and Sporting Types
    • Jacob Rhett Motto: A Southern Sport at Harvard (1831)
    • Charles W. Eliot: What a Day for Our Race! (1858)
    • Owen Wister: The Search for the Bird-in-Hand (1903)
    • John Dos Passos: Adventure at Norumbega (1923)
    • Lucius Beebe: Notes on a Dry Generation (1927)
    • George Weller: Eleven O’clock in November (1933)
    • Alistair Cooke: A Lesson for Yale (1951)
    • David Halberstam: The Greatest House Crew Ever (1955)
    • Roger Angell: Harvard Wins, 29–29! (1968)
    • Erich Segal: Love and Violence on the Ice (1970)
    • John Updike: The Folly on Bow Street (1973)
  • VI. Her Solitary Children
    • Henry Adams: The Education of a Harvard Man (1856 and 1907)
    • W. E. Burghardt Du Bois: That Outer Whiter World of Harvard (c. 1890)
    • Edwin Arlington Robinson: Beginning to Feel at Home (1891)
    • Charles Macomb Flandrau: A Dead Issue (1897)
    • Lee Sirnonson: My College Life Was an Inner One (c. 1908)
    • John Reed: “College is Like the World” (c. 1910)
    • Thomas Wolfe: Eugene Gant’s Harvard (c. 1923)
    • Theodore H. White: Harvard Lies at the End of the Subway (1938)
    • Lee A. Daniels: I’m a Harvard Man Now (1969)
  • VII. The Other Side
    • Lux: I Do Not Believe that we Can Justly Call an Institution a University which Is Confined to One-Half of Mankind (1866)
    • Elizabeth Cary Agassiz: A Letter to My Dear Girls (1893)
    • Grace Hollingsworth Tucker: Radcliffe in Bloomers (1899)
    • Le Baron Russell Briggs: To Work for Radcliffe Is an Anxious Pleasure and a High One (1924)
    • Ada Louise Comstock: Twenty Years at Radcliffe (1943)
    • Barklie Henry: Ladies in rhe Yard: An Alumni Report (1954)
    • Sallie Bingham: Winter Term (1957)
    • Janet King: Some Thoughts of the Fifties for a Daughter of the Seventies (c. 1960)
    • Faye Levine: The Girls Who Go to Harvard (1965)
    • Anne Fadiman: Where Is the Grace of Yesteryear? (1972)
    • An Official View: What Is Radcliffe? (1981)
  • VIII. These Festival Rites
    • Maria Sophia Quincy: I Never Saw Such a Splendid Scene! (1829)
    • Josiah Quincy, Jr.: President Jackson Gives ’Em a Little Latin (1833)
    • Josiah Quincy: The Centennial Celebration (1836)
    • Horace Howard Furness: President Walker Takes the Helm (1853)
    • William Lawrence: Bret Harte and the Green Gloves (1871)
    • James Russell Lowell: What a Glorious Object Is a Senior! (1875)
    • David Mccord: Enter A Former Naval Person (1943)
    • Barbara Ward: A Day Full of Sincere Emotion (1957)
    • Peter J. Gomes: Our Secular Sacrament (1979)
  • IX. The Alumni
    • Charles Francis Adams: The Alumni Meet (1857)
    • Edward A. Weeks, Jr.: Reunions Improve with Age (1933)
    • Henry Richards: Senior in the Long Procession (1936)
    • John P. Marquand: Mr. Hilliard Tells All (1941)
    • Willard L. Sperry: The Alumnus (1947)
    • Alan Gregg: Forty Years After (1951)
    • John Lord O’Brian: The Shining Moments (1957)
    • E. J. Kahn, Jr.: The Harvardization of E. J. Kahn (1969)
    • Barbara Tuchman: I Didn't Know that to Be a Woman Was a Terrible Fate (1975)
  • X. Some Visitors from Afar
    • Edward Johnson: Of the First Promotion of Learning in New England (c. 1654)
    • Jasper Danckaerts: They Knew Hardly a Word of Latin (1680)
    • J. P. Brissot De Warville: The Air of Cambridge Is Pure (1788)
    • Harriet Martineau: The State of the University Was a Subject of Great Mourning (1838)
    • Charles Dickens: The Quiet Influence of Cambridge (1842)
    • Anthony Trollope: I Did Not Visit the Museum (1861)
    • Henry James: Verena’s Guided Tour (1886)
    • George Birkbeck Hill: How Few Are the Signs of University Life! (1893)
    • Rupert Brooke: Boston and Harvard (1913)
    • Norman Mailer: Mr. Maugham’s Party (1942)
    • Robert Ellis Smith: How the Marshall Plan Was Born (1947)
    • Michael Steinberg: Sanders—I Love It! (1974)
  • Credits and Acknowledgments
  • Index

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