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Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups

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Publication Date: 10/10/1980


1104 pages

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87 maps, 116 tables

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  • Groups and Definitions
    • Acadians [Marietta M. LeBreton]
    • Afghans [David C. Champagne]
    • Africans
    • Afro-Americans [Thomas C. Holt]
    • Albanians
    • Aleuts [Dorothy M. Jones]
    • Alsatians [Frederick C. Luebke]
    • American Indians [Edward H. Spicer]
    • Amish [John A. Hostetler]
    • Anglo-American
    • Anglo-Saxon
    • Appalachians [Dwight Billings and David Walls]
    • Arabs [Alixa Naff]
    • Armenians [Robert Mirak]
    • Aryan
    • Asian
    • Assyrians [Arian B. Ishaya and Eden Naby]
    • Australians and New Zealanders [Andrew Parkin]
    • Austrians [Frederick C. Luebke]
    • Azerbaijanis [Alexandre Bennigsen]
    • Bangladeshi [Enayetur Rahim]
    • Basques [William A. Douglass]
    • Belgians [Pierre-Henri Laurent]
    • Belorussians [Paul Robert Magocsi]
    • Bosnian Muslims [William G. Lockwood]
    • Bulgarians [Nikolay G. Altankov]
    • Burmese
    • Canadians, British [Alan A. Brookes]
    • Cape Verdeans [Francis M. Rogers]
    • Carpatho-Rusyns [Paul Robert Magocsi]
    • Central and South Americans [Ann Orlov and Reed Ueda]
    • Chinese [H.M. Lai]
    • Copts [Raef Marcus]
    • Cornish [John Rowe]
    • Cossacks [Paul Robert Magocsi]
    • Creole [Richard A. Long]
    • Croats
    • Cubans [Lisandro Pérez]
    • Czechs [Karen Johnson Freeze]
    • Danes [Dorothy Burton Skårdal]
    • Dominicans [Glenn L. Hendricks]
    • Dutch [Robert P. Swierenga]
    • East Indians [Joan M. Jensen]
    • Eastern Catholics [Paul Robert Magocsi]
    • Eastern Orthodox [Thomas E. Bird]
    • English [Charlotte J. Erickson]
    • Eskimos [Arthur E. Hippler]
    • Estonians [Tonü Parming]
    • Ethnic Heritage Studies Program
    • Filipinos [H. Brett Melendy]
    • Finns [A. William Hoglund]
    • Foreign Stock
    • French [Patrice Louis René Higonnet]
    • French Canadians [Elliott Robert Barkan]
    • Frisians
    • Gentile
    • Georgians [Nathela Chatara]
    • Germans [Kathleen Neils Conzen]
    • Germans from Russia [La Vern J. Rippley]
    • Greeks [Theodore Saloutos]
    • Gypsies [Ian F. Hancock]
    • Haitians [Michel S. Laguerre]
    • Hawaiians [Alan Howard]
    • Hispanic
    • Hungarians [Paula Benkart]
    • Hutterites [John A. Hostetler]
    • Icelanders [Valdimar Björnson]
    • Indochinese [Mary Bowen Wright]
    • Indonesians
    • Iranians [John H. Lorentz and John T. Wertime]
    • Irish [Patrick J. Blessing]
    • Italians [Humbert S. Nelli]
    • Japanese [Harry H.L. Kitano]
    • Jews [Arthur A. Goren]
    • Kalmyks [Arash Bormanshinov]
    • Koreans [Hyung-chan Kim]
    • Kurds [Margaret Kahn]
    • Latvians [Edgar Anderson]
    • Lithuanians [Arunas Alisauskas]
    • Luxembourgers [Paul Robert Magocsi]
    • Macedonians
    • Maltese
    • Manx [Ann Orlov]
    • Mexicans [Carlos E. Cortés]
    • Mormons [Dean L. May]
    • Mother Tongue
    • Muslims [Thomas Philipp]
    • Nordic
    • North Caucasians [Alexandre Bennigsen]
    • Norwegians [Peter A. Munch]
    • Oriental
    • Oriental Orthodox [Thomas E. Bird]
    • Orthodox [Thomas E. Bird]
    • Pacific Islanders [Bradd Shore]
    • Pakistanis [Arif Ghayur]
    • Pennsylvania Germans
    • Poles [Victor Greene]
    • Portuguese [Francis M. Rogers]
    • Puerto Ricans [Joseph P. Fitzpatrick]
    • Race
    • Romanians [Gerald J. Bobango]
    • Russians [Paul Robert Magocsi]
    • Scotch-Irish [Maldwyn A. Jones]
    • Scots [Gordon Donaldson]
    • Serbs [Michael B. Petrovich and Joel Halpern]
    • Slovaks [M. Mark Stolarik]
    • Slovenes [Rudolph M. Susel]
    • South Africans [Stanley Moss]
    • Southerners [John Shelton Reed]
    • Spaniards
    • Spanish [Frances Leon Quintana]
    • Spanish-Surname
    • Swedes [Ulf Beijbom]
    • Swiss [Leo Schelbert]
    • Tatars [Alexandre Bennigsen]
    • Teutonic
    • Thai
    • Tri-Racial Isolates
    • Turkestanis [Alexandre Bennigsen]
    • Turks [Talat Sait Halman]
    • Ukrainians [Paul Robert Magocsi]
    • Welsh [Rowland Berthoff]
    • Wends [George R. Nielsen]
    • West Indians [Reed Ueda]
    • Yankees [Oscar Handlin]
    • Zoroastrians [Eden Naby]
  • Thematic Essays
    • American Identity and Americanization [Philip Gleason]
    • American Indiand, Federal Policy Toward [Edward H. Spicer]
    • Assimilation and Pluralism [Harold J. Abramson]
    • Concepts of Ethnicity [William Peterson]
    • Education [Michael Olneck and Marvin Lazerson]
    • Family Patterns [Tamara K. Hareven and John Modell]
    • Folklore [Roger D. Abrahams]
    • Health Beliefs and Practices [Noel J. Chrisman and Arthur Kleinman]
    • Immigration: Economic and Social Characteristics [Richard A. Easterlin]
    • Immigration: History of U.S. Policy [William S. Bernard]
    • Immigration: Settlement Patterns and Spatial Distribution [David Ward]
    • Intermarriage [David M. Heer]
    • Labor [David Brody]
    • Language: Issues and Legislation [Abigail M. Thernstrom]
    • Language Maintenance [Joshua A. Fishman]
    • Leadership [John Higham]
    • Literature and Ethnicity [Werner Sollors]
    • Loyalties: Dual and Divided [Mona Harrington]
    • Methods of Estimating the Size of Groups [Charles A. Price]
    • Naturalization and Citizenship [Reed Ueda]
    • Pluralism: A Humanistic Perspective [Michael Novak]
    • Pluralism: A Political Perspective
    • Politics [Edward R. Kantowicz]
    • Prejudice [Thomas F. Pettigrew]
    • Prejudice and Discriminatino, History of [George M. Fredrickson and Dale T. Knobel]
    • Prejudice and Discrimination, Policy Against [Nathan Glazer and Reed Ueda]
    • Religion [Harold J. Abramson]
    • Resources and Research Centers [Edward Kasinec]
    • Survey Research [James D. Wright, Peter H. Rossi, and Thomas F. Juravich]
  • Maps
  • Tables
  • Appendix I
  • Appendix II

Awards & Accolades

  • 1981 Waldo G. Leland Prize, American Historical Association
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