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Harvard Observed

An Illustrated History of the University in the Twentieth Century

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$42.00 • £33.95 • €38.00

ISBN 9780674377332

Publication Date: 11/07/1998


320 pages

350 illustrations


  • Prologue
  • I. The Reformers (1898–1914)
    • Dr. Eliot’s Unfinished Business
    • Gold Coasters and Greasy Grinds
    • An Undesirable Game for Gentlemen
    • Misalliance with MIT
    • “On a New Tack”: The Lowell Era
    • The Golden Years
  • II. The Great War (1914–1919)
    • Volunteers
    • “An Oasis of Peace and Concord”
    • Cogs in the War Machine
    • Death and Victory
  • III. Between the Wars (1919–1941)
    • Reign of Terror
    • Boom Times
    • Living Dangerously
    • The Great Depression
    • President Conant
    • That Man in the White House
    • The Tercentenary
    • Up or Out
    • Girding for War
  • IV. “Conant’s Arsenal” (1941–1945)
    • Bugles in the Yard
    • Behind Closed Doors Building the Bomb
    • "The Radiance 0f Their Deeds"
  • V. Amazing Growth (1945–1963)
    • The Veterans Encamp
    • The Red Book
    • The Marshall Plan
    • The Cold War
    • President Pusey
    • Tilting With McCarthy
    • The Fourth Branch of Government
    • “A Good Time to Act Greatly”
  • VI. The University on Trial (1963–1971)
    • Baby Boomers
    • “On Strike! Shut It Down!”
    • No Shock, It’s Bok
    • The Women Move In
  • VII. Harvard Restored (1971–1990)
    • “To Renew a Vision…”
    • Watergate
    • Core Curriculum
    • Affirmative Action and Diversity
    • Endowment-building
    • The Computer Revolution A Great Show
    • The Cold War Ends
  • VIII. Millennial Harvard (1990–1998)
    • Rudenstine Redux
    • Reaching Higher—and Thinking in Billions
    • Transformations
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Illustration Credits
  • Index

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