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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 76

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ISBN 9780674379220

Publication Date: 01/01/1972


Among the seventeen articles in this volume, dedicated to Walton Brooks McDaniel, are: “Language and Characterization in Homer,” by the late Adam Parry; “The Rhythm of Hesiod’s Works and Days,” by Charles Rowan Beye; “Pindar Fr. 169,” by Hugh Lloyd-Jones; “Nationality as a Factor in Roman History,” by F. W. Walbank; “Readings in Early Latin,” by Otto Skutsch; “On the Date of the First Eclogue,” by Wendell Clausen; “The Textual History of Juvenal and the Oxford Lines,” by Georg Luck; “The Multiples of the as,” by James A. Willis; “Ostraca Harvardiana,” by Gerald M. Browne; and “A White-Ground Cup by Euphronios,” by Joan R. Mertens.

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