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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 78

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ISBN 9780674379244

Publication Date: 01/01/1974


  • Prefatory Note [Wendell Clausen]
  • The Emergence of Mediaeval Towns: Independence or Continuity? [Mason Hammond]
  • Existimatio, Fama, and the Ides of March [Zvi Yavetz]
  • Sophocles: Ajax 815–824 [Cedric H. Whitman]
  • Six Studies of Sacral Vocabulary Relating to the Fireplace [Gregory Nagy]
  • A Handlist of Satyr Plays [Dana Ferrin Sutton]
  • The Myth of Pindar’s First Nemean: Sportsmen, Poetry, and Paideia [Peter W. Rose]
  • Aristophanes’ Ranae 862: A Note on the Anatomy of Euripidean Tragedy [Gregory W. Dickerson]
  • Speech and Narrative in the Aeneid [Gilbert Highet]
  • Tibullus: Nunc levis est tractanda Venus [Harold C. Gotoff]
  • Draped Herm from Sardis [Nancy Hirschland Ramage]
  • The “Lighthouse” of Abusir in Egypt [Fawzi el Fakharani]
  • Summaries of Dissertations for the Degree of Ph.D.

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