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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 79

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Publication Date: 01/01/1976


  • Prefatory Note [Albert Henrichs]
  • Oxyrhynchus and Rome [E. G. Turner]
  • The Frequency and Structuring of Traditional Formulas in Hesiod’s Theogony [William W. Minton]
  • Olympian 1.8–11: An Epinician Metaphor [Frank J. Nisetich]
  • Birds 593–595: A Note [David Gill, S.J.]
  • Thucydides’ Ethics as Reflected in the Description of Stasis (3.82–83) [Lowell Edmunds]
  • Two Doxographical Notes: Democritus and Prodicus on Religion [Albert Henrichs]
  • Plato and Talk of a World in Flux: Timaeus 49a6–50b5 [Donald J. Zeyl]
  • Two Cases of Αδυνατον: Ag. 612 and Theodoridas AP XIII.21 [Staffan Fogelmark]
  • Amor and Cupid [Antonie Wlosok]
  • Latin ador, Hittite ḫat- Again: Addenda to HSCP 77 (1973) 187–193 [Calvert Watkins]
  • The Recurrent Motifs of Horace, Carmina IV [David H. Porter]
  • The Second Book of Propertius [O. Skutsch]
  • The Culex and Moretum as Post-Augustan Literary Parodies [David O. Ross, Jr.]
  • The Friends of Martial, Statius, and Pliny, and the Dispersal of Patronage [Peter White]
  • Two Ghost-Words and a Consul: Inscriptions of Pergamum and Tarsus [Thomas Drew-Bear]
  • An Unpublished Letter of Apollonius of Tyana to the Sardians [Robert J. Penella]
  • The Holders of the Chairs of Rhetoric at Athens [I. Avotins]
  • Constans and Gratian in Rome [T. D. Barnes]
  • On the History of Latin Scholia [J. E. G. Zetzel]
  • Summaries of Dissertations for the Degree of Ph.D.

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