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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 98

Edited by Richard F. Thomas

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ISBN 9780674379466

Publication Date: 02/01/1999


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Volume 98 of Harvard Studies in Classical Philology offers the following contributions: Leonard Muellner, “Glaucus Redivivus”; Michael Weiss, “Erotica: On the Prehistory of Greek Desire”; C. O. Pavese, “The Rhapsodic Epic Poems as Oral and Independent Poems”; Miles C. Beckwith, “The ‘Hanging of Hera’ and the Meaning of Greek ἄκμων”; Aryeh Finkelberg, “On the History of the Greek κοσμοσ”; Ruth Scodel, “The Captive’s Dilemma: Sexual Acquiescence in Euripides’ Hecuba and Troades”; Mary Depew, “Delian Hymns and Callimachean Allusion”; Joshua T. Katz, “Testimonia Ritus Italici: Male Genitalia, Solemn Declarations, and a New Latin Sound Law”; A. R. Dyck, “Narrative Obfuscation, Philosophical Topoi, and Tragic Patterning in Cicero’s Pro Milone”; Michael C. J. Putnam, “Dido’s Murals and Virgilian Ekphrasis”; Jeffrey Wills, “Divided Allusion: Virgil and the Coma Berenices”; Joseph Farrell, “Reading and Writing the Heroides”; and Rolando Ferri, “Octavia’s Heroines: Tacitus Annales 14.63–64 and the Praetexta Octavia.”

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