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Here, the People Rule

A Constitutional Populist Manifesto

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ISBN 9780674389267

Publication Date: 08/05/1998


144 pages

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This book deserves to be read, reread, and reread again. Its logic and fundamental understanding of the purpose of constitutional law will persuade, challenge, or infuriate readers. But Parker’s words will linger and his book will sow an intellectual revolution grounded in the experience and sensibilities of citizens. Oligarchs, plutocrats, sophists, and practitioners of noblesse oblige beware: your controlling processes stand exposed by a profoundly illuminating mind.—Ralph Nader

What a breath of fresh air! Anyone who thinks a constitutional court must be conceived solely in terms of restraining popular impulse and containing the passions of the masses will have to think again after reading Parker’s provocative books which makes a very eloquent plea for assigning to courts and constitutions the very difficult mission of unleashing political energy and stimulating public participation in civic life.—Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard University Law School

Much of this book is downright fun to read—a rarity in legal scholarship. Parker’s main theme—that we need to rediscover constitutional law’s populist/majoritarian nature and possibilities—is both provocative and supremely important.—Akhil Amar, Yale Law School

Even those of us who disagree with some of Parker’s arguments should welcome his central point: that it is neither desirable nor possible in a democracy to find permanent bypasses around public opinion on the most important issues.—U.S. Representative Barney Frank

Though I didn't concur with all of it, this is the most provocative book on law and politics in a long time.—U.S. Representative Mel Reynolds

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