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A History of the Jewish People

Edited by H. H. Ben-Sasson

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  • I. Origins and the Formative Period [Abraham Malamat]
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Canaan — Before and During the Israelite Conquest
    • 3. The Dawn of Israel
    • 4. Conquest and Settlement
    • 5. The Period of the Judges
    • 6. The Struggle Against the Philistines
  • II. The Period of the First Temple, The Babylonian Exile and the Restoration [Hayim Tadmor]
    • 7. The United Monarchy
    • 8. The Period of the Two Kingdoms
    • 9. The Decline, Rise and Destruction of the Kingdom of Israel
    • 10. Judah from the Fall of Samaria to the Fall of Jerusalem
    • 11. The Babylonian Exile and the Restoration
  • III. The Period of the Temple [Menachem Stern]
    • 12. Palestine Under the Rule of the Hellenistic Kingdoms
    • 13. The Social and Governmental Structure of Judea Under the Ptolemies and Seleucids
    • 14. The Decrees Against the Jewish Religion and the Establishment of the Hasmonean State
    • 15. The Hasmonean State
    • 16. The Political and Social History of Judea Under Roman Rule
    • 17. The Jewish Diaspora in the Second Temple Era
    • 18. Religion and Literature
    • 19. The Great Revolt
  • IV. The Era of the Mishnah and Talmud (70–640) [Shmuel Safrai]
    • 20. The Characteristics of the Era
    • 21. The Jews in the Land of Israel (70–335)
    • 22. From the Roman Anarchy Until the Abolition of the Patriarchate (235–425)
    • 23. From the Abolition of the Patriarchate to the Arab Conquest (425–640)
    • 24. The Lands of the Diaspora
  • V. The Middle Ages [Hayim Ben-Sasson]
    • 25. Introduction
    • 26. Diaspora Configuration and Jewish Occupation Patterns at the Beginning of the Middle Ages
    • 27. Effects of Religious Animosity on the Jews
    • 28. The Flowering of Centralized Leadership and the Rise of Local Leadership
    • 29. Jewish Social and Cultural Life Until the End of the Eleventh Century
    • 30. The Status and Economic Structure of Jewish Communities, 1096–1348
    • 31. Changes in the Legal Status and the Security of the Jews
    • 32. Leadership by Local Institutions and Scholars
    • 33. Social Life and Cultural Achievement
    • 34. The COllapse of Old Settlements and the Establishment of New Ones, 1348–1517
    • 35. Popular Pressure Against the Status of the Jews
    • 36. Jewish Autonomy from the Black Death to the Reformation
    • 37. Spiritual and Social Creativity
    • 38. Jewish Settlement and Economic Activity in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
    • 39. Changes in the Legal and Social Status of the Jews
    • 40. Autonomy: Institutions and Trends
    • 41. The Social Ideals of Jewry at the End of the Middle Ages
  • VI. The Modern Period [Shmuel Ettinger]
    • 42. Introduction
    • 43. Migration and Economic Activity in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
    • 44. The Attitude of European Society in the Seventeeth and Eighteenth Centuries
    • 45. Legal Status in the Absolutist States and During the French Revolution
    • 46. The Internal Struggle in East European Jewry
    • 47. The Jewish Community in Western and Central Europe
    • 48. Demographic Changes and Economic Activity in the Nineteenth Century
    • 49. The Struggle for Emancipation in Western and Central Europe
    • 50. The Struggle for Emancipation in Eastern Europe
    • 51. Integration into the Non-Jewish World in the Nineteenth Century
    • 52. Ideological Changes in Jewish Society in the Nineteenth Century
    • 53. The New Patterns of Jewish Organization in the West in the Nineteenth Century
    • 54. The Failure of Emancipation, the Struggle for Survival and National Rebirth (1881–1948)
    • 55. Demographic Changes and Economic Activity at the End of the Nineteenth and Beginning of the Twentieth Centuries
    • 56. Modern Anti-Semitism and the Appearance of Anti-Semitic Parties
    • 57. Anti-Semitism as Official Government Policy in Eastern Europe
    • 58. The Growth of the Jewish National Movement and the Burgeoning of Independent Political Activity
    • 59. The Socialist Movement Among Jews Before the First World War
    • 60. The Growth of the Jewish Centre in Palestine Before the British Occupation
    • 61. The Growth of the New Jewish Culture: The Strengthening of Ties Between Jewish Communities and Their Increasing Role in Gentile Society
    • 62. New Trends in the Development of the Jewish People After the First World War
    • 63. Jews as a National Minority in East and Central European Countries Between the Wars
    • 64. Soviet Jewry Between the Wars
    • 65. American and West European Jewry Between the Wars
    • 66. The Zionist Movement and the “National Home” Between the World Wars
    • 67. The Second World War and the Holocaust
    • 68. The Struggle for Independence and the Establishment of the State of Israel
    • 69. The Diaspora After the Second World War
    • 70. The Consolidation of the State of Israel
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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