Cover: A History of Private Life, Volume I: From Pagan Rome to Byzantium in PAPERBACK

A History of Private Life, Volume I: From Pagan Rome to Byzantium

Edited by Paul Veyne

Translated by Arthur Goldhammer

Series edited by Phillippe Ariès

Georges Duby

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$59.50 • £47.95 • €53.50

ISBN 9780674399747

Publication Date: 09/01/1992


688 pages

16 color illustrations, 417 halftones, 33 line illustrations, 3 maps

Belknap Press

History of Private Life


  • Foreword [Georges Duby]
  • Introduction [Paul Veyne]
  • 1. Roman Empire [Paul Veyne]
    • Introduction
    • From Mother’s Womb to Last Will and Testament
    • Marriage
    • Slavery
    • The Household and Its Freed Slaves
    • Where Public Life Was Private
    • “Work” and Leisure
    • Patrimony
    • Public Opinion and Utopia
    • Pleasures and Excesses
    • Tranquilizers
  • 2. Late Antiquity [Peter Brown]
    • Introduction
    • The “Wellborn” Few
    • Person and Group in Judaism and Early Christianity
    • Church and Leadership
    • The Challenge of the Desert
    • East and West: The New Marital Morality
  • 3. Private Life and Domestic Architecture in Roman Africa [Yvon Thébert]
    • The Roman Home: Foreword [Paul Veyne]
    • Some Theoretical Considerations
    • The Domestic Architecture of the Ruling Class
    • “Private” and “Public” Spaces: The Components of the Domus
    • How the Domus Worked
    • Conclusion
  • 4. The Early Middle Ages in the West [Michel Rouche]
    • Introduction [Paul Veyne]
    • Historical Introduction
    • Private Life Conquers State and Society
    • Body and Heart
    • Violence and Death
    • Sacred and Secret
    • Conclusion
  • 5. Byzantium in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries [Evelyne Patlagean]
    • The Byzantine Empire
    • Private Space
    • Self and Others
    • The Inner Life
    • Private Belief
    • Conclusion
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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