Cover: A History of Private Life, Volume III: Passions of the Renaissance, from Harvard University PressCover: A History of Private Life, Volume III: Passions of the Renaissance in PAPERBACK

A History of Private Life, Volume III: Passions of the Renaissance

Edited by Roger Chartier

Translated by Arthur Goldhammer

Series edited by Phillippe Ariès

Georges Duby

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$59.50 • £47.95 • €53.50

ISBN 9780674400023

Publication Date: 10/15/1993


656 pages

16 color illustrations, 426 halftones

Belknap Press

History of Private Life


  • Introduction [Philippe Ariès]
  • 1. Figures of Modernity [Yves Castan, François Lebrun, and Roger Chartier]
    • Introduction [Roger Chartier]
    • Politics and Private Life
    • The Two Reformations: Communal Devotion and Personal Piety
    • The Practical Impact of Writing
  • 2. Forms of Privatization [Jacques Revel, Orest Ranum, Jean-Louis Flandrin, Jacques Gélis, Madelaine Foisil, and Jean Marie Goulemot]
    • Introduction [Roger Chartier]
    • The Uses of Civility
    • The Refuges of Intimacy
    • Distinction through Taste
    • The Child: From Anonymity to Individuality
    • The Literature of Intimacy
    • Literary Practices: Publicizing the Private
  • 3. Community, State, and Family: Trajectories and Tensions [Nicole Castan, Maurice Aymard, Alain Collomp, Daniel Fabre, and Arlette Farge]
    • Introduction [Roger Chartier]
    • The Public and the Privatex
    • Friends and Neighbors
    • Families: Habitations and Cohabitations
    • Families: Privacy versus Custom
    • The Honor and Secrecy of Families
  • Epilogue [Roger Chartier]
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Credits
  • Index

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