Cover: A History of Young People in the West, Volume I: Ancient and Medieval Rites of Passage, from Harvard University PressCover: A History of Young People in the West, Volume I: Ancient and Medieval Rites of Passage in PAPERBACK

A History of Young People in the West, Volume I: Ancient and Medieval Rites of Passage

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ISBN 9780674404076

Publication Date: 11/15/1999


464 pages

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1 line illustration, 86 halftones

Belknap Press

A History of Young People in the West


The studies [A History of Young People in the West] contains are interesting, and they have the great merit of making the work of some notable Italian and French scholars accessible to an Anglophone public. They are well translated, preserving the ornateness of the originals… Collectively, the lasting impression these volumes leave is of the exploitation of innocence, and the control exerted by those in authority—church, state or parents—over the lives of children growing up.—Rosamond McKitterick, The New York Times Book Review

One of the most fascinating features of the 17 essays, and introduction, that make up these two volumes is the predominance of that anxiety, from ancient Greece to Fifties American culture, to bring the young within the ideological embrace of the polis, or state.—Seamus Deane, The Observer

A History of Young People in the West…contributes numerous insights to the growing literature on social and family history.—David Wagner, The Washington Times

Youth is a social construct; it is also a biological state. It therefore always shares some characteristics across cultures, for example the onset of early sexual maturity, while also reflecting each society’s different expectations. Social class and gender will be crucial too in determining how these expectations are experienced by young people. So, given this model of what we understand by ‘youth’, a two-volume history of young people can only be a highly ambitious project… The editors of these two volumes and their translators are to be congratulated for providing some fascinating reading.—Nicholas Tucker, History Today

[Provides] valuable insights on the literary, artistic, and legal material on youth in selected times and places and in illuminating prevailing cultural values.Library Journal

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