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How We Live

An Economic Perspective on Americans from Birth to Death

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ISBN 9780674412262

Publication Date: 01/01/1984


320 pages

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13 line illustrations, 26 tables


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Mr. Fuchs writes clearly and with remarkable common sense… One wishes that How We Live could be made compulsory reading for senators, representatives, and the people at the White House.—Alfred L. Malabre, Jr., Wall Street Journal

Fuchs genuinely uses economic data and reasoning to illuminate the choices people make and yet remains quite free of the intellectually imperial view that economic analysis alone suffices to explain the choices… How We Live is a veritable handbook for reformers. Those concerned with policies affecting the family and the labor market especially cannot afford to ignore the information Fuchs assembles.—Dennis Wrong, The New Republic

Chock-full of fascinating facts and educated conjectures…there is much insightful research. And Mr. Fuchs’s compact style makes the book a pleasure to read.—Peter Passell, New York Times

The book is addressed to a wide audience, and…will be extremely effective in teaching laymen that basic economic principles can go a long way in explaining the changing structure of our lives.—Walter Y. Oi, Journal of Economic Literature

Can be recommended for scholars, students, policy makers, and even friends or relatives who ask, ‘What do economists do?’—Lee Benham, Journal of Political Economy

Victor Fuchs has performed an astonishing job of synthesis and exposition of the vast literature on the progress of Americans through their life cycle. The economic point of view is maintained but with a breadth not always characteristic of economists working in this area.—Kenneth J. Arrow

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