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Heidegger on Being Uncanny

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Related Subjects

  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • 1. Feeling Uncanny
    • Jentsch’s Uncanny
    • Freud’s Uncanny
    • Lear’s Ironic Uncanniness
    • The Absurd Feeling
    • The Uncanniness of the Ordinary
  • 2. Feeling Our Being Uncanny
    • The Methodological Role of Angst
    • The Four-Part Structure of Ground Moods
      • World-Withdrawal
      • World-Revelation
      • Self-Withdrawal
      • Self-Revelation
    • Thrownness
    • Originary Angst
    • Uncanniness
  • 3. Being Uncanny
    • To Deinon
    • The Story of Being
    • The Story of Human Being
      • The Human Essence
      • Presencing
      • Absencing
      • Absencing as Presencing
    • Uncanny Human Being
  • 4. Being the Uncanny Entity
    • Being Pantoporos Aporos: Falling and Seeming
    • Being Hupsipolis Apolis: Metaphysics and Transcendence
    • The Closing Words
    • Expressions of Antigone’s Owned Uncanniness
    • Being Pantoporos Aporos and Hupsipolis Apolis Ownedly
    • Raising the Question of Owned Uncanniness
  • 5. The Question of the Uncanny
    • The Ground of Uncanniness: Four Causes
    • The Efficient Cause: Freud’s Un-
    • The Efficient Cause: Heidegger’s Un-
    • The Final Cause: Love and Perfectionism
    • Uncanniness as Play
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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