Cover: Making the European Monetary Union, from Harvard University PressCover: Making the European Monetary Union in PAPERBACK

Making the European Monetary Union

  • List of Figures*
  • Foreword [Mario Draghi and Jaime Caruana]
  • Abbreviations Used in Text
  • Introduction: The Making of a Non-National Currency
  • 1. A Napoleonic Prelude
  • 2. The Origins of the Committee of Governors
  • 3. The Response to Global Monetary Turbulence
  • 4. The Snake and Other Animals
  • 5. Negotiating the European Monetary System
  • 6. The Malaise of the 1980s
  • 7. The Delors Committee and the Relaunching of Europe
  • 8. Designing a Central Bank
  • 9. The EMS Crises
  • Conclusion: The Euro and the Legacy of the Committee of Governors
  • Appendix A: Maastricht Treaty Text and Committee of Governors’ Draft of the Statute of the European Monetary Institute
  • Appendix B: Maastricht Treaty Text and Committee of Governors’ Draft of the Statute of the European Central Bank
  • Appendix C: Dramatis Personae
  • Appendix D: Members of the Committee of Governors
  • Appendix E: Committee for the Study of Economic and Monetary Union (Delors Committee), 1988–1989
  • Appendix F: Chairmen of the Monetary Committee of the European Community, 1958–1998
  • Appendix G: European Commission Presidents and Commissioners for Economics and Finance, 1958–
  • Appendix H: Chronology
  • Appendix I: Interest Rates and Fiscal Balance
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index
  • * Figures:
    • I.1. Sum of current account imbalances in deficit and surplus countries, 1960–2010
    • I.2. Committees and comitology
    • 4.1. Exchange rates, 1971–1979
    • 4.2. Real effective exchange rate for Deutsche Mark, 1963–1993
    • 6.1. Net positions in EMCF, 1979–1995
    • 6.2. Exchange rates, 1979–1983
    • 7.1. Deutsche Mark interventions in dollars, 1979–1993
    • 7.2. Exchange rates, 1982–1989
    • 7.3. Marginal and intramarginal interventions, 1986–1993
    • 9.1. Exchange rates, 1989–1993
    • 9.2. Operations to defend the British pound, July–September 1992
    • 9.3. Competitiveness and overall trade balance, 1990–1992
    • 9.4. Interventions in French franc crisis, June 25–July 31, 1993
    • AI.1. Inflation, 1965–2000
    • AI.2. Nominal policy interest rates, 1960–2012
    • AI.3. Real policy interest rates, 1960–2012
    • AI.4. General government budget balances, 1960–2010
    • AI.5. Current account balances, 1965–2000

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