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Hellenic Studies Series 67

Plato's Four Muses

The Phaedrus and the Poetics of Philosophy

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Publication Date: 01/05/2015


252 pages

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  • Abbreviations
  • Preface
    • Orientation
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction. Plato’s Self-Disclosing Strategies
    • What is Platonic Dialogue? Poetry and Knowledge
    • Towards a Self-Definition of Platonic Dialogue
    • Prologue to the Phaedrus
  • 1. Terpischore. Socrates’ Palinode in the Phaedrus
    • Plato’s Stesichorus
    • The Divine Turn
    • The Palinode: Socrates’ Re-Vision
    • Socrates’ Performance
    • Socrates vis-à-vis Stesichorus: Verse and Muses
    • Stesichorus’ Shadow
    • Conclusions
    • Endnote: New “Facts”
  • 2. Erato. Erotic Rhetoric: Sappho’s Helen and the Plane-Tree
    • Gorgias’ and Isocrates’ Helen
    • Helen’s Tree
    • Plato’s Sappho
    • Plato’s Hymn to Memory
    • Sappho’s Helen
    • The “Mother” of Socrates’ Speech
    • Mobilizing the Poetry of the Past
    • Conclusions
    • Endnote: New “Facts”
  • 3. Calliope and Ourania. The Initiation to Dialogue
    • Mimêsis and Enthousiasmos: A Very Short Introduction
    • Averting Poetic “Termination”: Socrates and Thamyris
    • The Gift of the Muses
    • Conclusions
    • Endnote: New “Facts”
  • 4. The Muses and the Tree. The Academy and the Heroization of Socrates
    • Praying to Pan: The Riddle
    • The Gift of Poetry
    • Heroism in the Making
    • The Cult of Socrates in the Academy
    • Socratic Monuments
    • Conclusions
    • Endnote: New “Facts”
  • Conclusion
    • Socrates’ Anti-Intellectualism
    • The Death of Socrates and the Birth of Philosophical Writing
    • The Status of Plato’s Dialogues
  • Appendix. Plato’s Self-Disclosures: A Discussion of Gaiser’s Interpretation
    • Four Self-Disclosures
    • A Possible Objection
    • Reductio ad Duo: Plato’s Seriocomic Poetry
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Passages
  • Index of Names

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