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Soviet Policy in West Africa

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Publication Date: 01/01/1970

372 pages


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  • Abbreviations
  • I. The Soviet Response to Colonial Africa
    • Policy before the Second World War
    • The Decolonization of Africa
  • II. The First Contacts with Black Africa
    • Guinean Independence
  • III. The Era of Optimism, 1960
    • Guinea: The Touchstone of Soviet Policy
    • The Congo
    • Competition with China
    • Mali, the New Revolutionary State
    • The First Response to Diversity
  • IV. Africa Divided
    • The Hardening of Categories
    • The Casablanca Grouping
    • Guinea: Climax and Retreat
    • The Shift of Priorities to Ghana
  • V. Policy in Transition: 1962–1963
    • The Growing Effect of Chinese Competition
    • Guinea’s Retrenchment
    • Response to the Frustrations of 1961–62
    • Effects of the Waning Casablanca–Monrovian Division
    • The Evolution of Theory
  • VI. Ideological Experimentation in Khrushchev’s Last Year
    • Revisionism Applied to Mali and Ghana
    • Reservations over Khrushchev’s Revisionism
    • The Test-Ban Treaty and the Cuban Example
    • The Search for African “Cubas”
    • Realism and Khrushchev’s Experiment
    • The Apogee and Decline of the Chinese Threat
    • The Moderate States
  • VII. Policy after Khrushchev: Smaller Expectations, 1965–1966
    • Revising Khrushchev’s Formulas
    • Guinea’s Redemption
    • Ghana: The Cornerstone of Relations with West Africa
    • Extending Khrushchev’s Approach to the Moderate States
    • West Africa’s Military Coups
    • Nigeria and the Military Coups
  • VIII. The New Realism, 1967–1968
    • Mali and the Lessons of the Ghanaian Coup
    • The Nonrevolutionary States
    • Nigeria’s Civil War
  • IX. Conclusion
  • Note on Methodology
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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