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The Arab World Today

Fifth Edition

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ISBN 9780674421929

Publication Date: 08/01/1991

538 pages

24 maps


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  • Preface to the 1991 Edition
  • The Arab World at a Glance
  • Part 1: Introduction
    • 1. The People on the Land
  • Part 2: Four Legacies from the Arab Past
    • 2. The Ancient Arabs: The Code of Honor
    • 3. Islam: The Regulation of Society
    • 4. Conquests and the Caliphate: Glorious Yesterdays
    • 5. The Alien Empires: Arab Exclusion from Rule
  • Part 3: The Impact of the West
    • 6. First Encounters: Point Counterpoint
    • 7. The High Cost of Modernization: Coming of the West
    • 8. The First World War: Midwife of Nationalism
  • Part 4: Development of the Arab States
    • 9. The Mandates: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Transjordan
    • 10. Arabia and Egypt: Isolation or Humiliation
    • 11. Libya and the Sudan: Undisguised Imperialism
    • 12. Palestine: The Promised Land
  • Part 5: The Independent Arab States
    • 13. Formal Independence: A Short Flight on Fledgling Wings
    • 14. Coups, Conflicts, and Conferences
    • 15. The Third Round: The Six-Day War of June 1967
    • 16. The Palestine Arab Diaspora
    • 17. The Fourth Round: The October 1973 War
  • Part 6: The Matrix of the New Arab
    • 18. The Economy of the Arab World
    • 19. Social Change and the New Men
    • 20. The Arabs and the World: A Quest for Identity and Dignity
  • Part 7: War, Fragmentation, and Uprising
    • 21. The Iraq–Iran War
    • 22. Maelstrom in the Levant
  • Part 8: The United States and the Arab World
    • 23. A Decade of Discovery
    • 24. American Policies of the 1960s
    • 25. Foreign Policy of the Nixon Administration
    • 26. The Carter Administration
    • 27. American Policies of the 1980s
  • Suggested Reading
  • Index

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