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Guided Missiles in War and Peace

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Publication Date: 01/01/1956

161 pages

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  • Foreword by General John E. Dahlquist
  • 1. Your Acquaintance is Inevitable
  • 2. Why Guided Missiles?
    • Definition
    • Air-to-Surface Missles
    • Air-to-Air and Surface-to-Air Missiles
    • Surface-to-Surface Missiles
    • The Antimissile Missile
    • Problems
  • 3. From Wan Hu to Von Braun
    • Missiles before World War II
    • Germany’s V-Weapons
    • Surface-to-Air Missiles
    • Other Missile Projects
    • America’s Wartime Missiles
    • Progress Since the War
  • 4. How They Fly
    • The Nature of Air
    • The Atmosphere
    • High-Speed Flight
    • Why a Missile Flies
  • 5. Guided and Misguided
    • Trajectory-Control Systems
    • Natural-Phenomena Reference
    • Electromagnetic Control
    • Attitude Control
    • An Example Guidance Problem
  • 6. Flying Cuspidors and Stovepipes
    • Principle of Jet Propulsion
    • The Pulse Jet
    • The Turbojet
    • The Ram Jet
    • Rockets
    • Solid-Propellant Rockets
    • Liquid-Propellant Rockets
    • Jet-Motor Nozzles
  • 7. Air Warfare with Guided Missiles
    • Offensive Air Operations
    • Air-to-Surface Missiles
    • The Air Defense Problem
    • Air Defense and Guided Missiles
    • Interceptors and Air-to-Air Missles
    • Surface-to-Air Missiles
    • Intercontinental Guided Missiles
    • The SSM-Defense Problem
    • Push Buttons and Manpower
  • 8. Guided-Missile Navies
    • Guided-Missiles on Shipboard
    • Guided Missile Ships or Guided Missiles on Ships?
    • Guided-Missile Submarines
    • The Strategic Role of Naval Forces
    • Tactics and the Man
  • 9. Guided Missiles in Land Warfare
    • Surface-to-Surface Missiles
    • The Assault Missile
    • The Field-Artillery Missile
    • Tactical Employment
    • Technique of Employment
    • The Long-Range Ground-Support SSM
    • Surface-to-Air Missiles
    • Reconnaissance Missiles
    • Conclusions
  • 10. Missiles of Peace
    • Missiles in Peacetime
    • Space Travel
    • On War and Peace
  • References
  • Bibliography

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