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Jews and the New American Scene

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In the age of identity politics, this is a courageous and unsettling book. When cultural ‘diversity’ is an American national obsession, two distinguished researchers, Seymour Martin Lipset and Earl Raab, each with a long, unbroken commitment to Jewish continuity in the United States and Israel, forecast the decline of American Judaism as a vibrant, active community.—Anne Swidler, The Times Literary Supplement

In their latest collaboration…Seymour Martin Lipset and Earl Raab issue a stern warning to American Jews: Return to your roots or dissolve into the melting pot. These seasoned observers of the Jewish community survey Jewish life in America since the earliest days of the Republic and conclude that a ‘basic dwindling cycle is evident’ precisely because Jews have adapted to to America so successfully… [They] have written an important book, and their pessimism about the future of American Jewry is well-founded.—Jay P. Lefkowitz, The Wall Street Journal

Some very keen analyses… Jews and the New American Scene is part history, part sociology, part demography, and part futurology… [A] deeply interesting book.—Elliott Abrams, The American Spectator

An open…incisive, many-faceted discourse on the state of America’s Jews at the threshold of the 21st century… In seven provocatively articulated chapters, the authors dissect American Jewry layer by layer against a synoptic historical backdrop interspersed with apt vignettes drawn from the American and Jewish past… A wise contribution to an understanding of both American and Jewish exceptionalism.—Moses Rischin, The Washington Times

Raab and Lipset present an upbeat view of where American Jews are today and how they got there… The book excels in delineating the stormy relationship between American Jews and their Israeli ‘cousins.’ One would have to agree with the authors’ contention that ‘profound institutional consequences for American Jewry have followed from the emergence of the State of Israel.’Kirkus Reviews

A gem. This brisk and engaging book will appeal to anyone who cares about America’s experiment in pluralism, tolerance, and freedom. This is a work of great immediate interest and lasting value.—E.J. Dionne, Jr., author of Why Americans Hate Politics

Powerful new insights into how the three prongs of my own identity as woman, American, and Jew have meshed together. Going beyond the doomsayers, Lipset and Raab’s analysis offers us reason to be proud as American Jews.—Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique

The basic text for understanding American Jews. Certainly the most thoughtful and informed analysis of the present condition of the American Jewish community that exists.—Nathan Glazer, author of American Judaism

Must-reading for anyone, Jewish or not, who is fascinated by the American Jewish experience. Martin Lipset and Earl Raab have written a brilliant ‘progress report’ on the condition of American Judaism.—Andrew M. Greeley, author of The Catholic Myth

A vital contribution to our understanding of American Jews and, indeed, of contemporary society. An important—and long overdue—study by two outstanding scholars.—Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan

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