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Ilex Series 14

Mirror of Dew

The Poetry of Ālam-tāj Zhāle Qā’em-Maqāmi

Translated with commentary by Asghar Seyed-Gohrab

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ISBN 9780674428249

Publication Date: 07/07/2014


224 pages

6 x 9 inches

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Related Subjects

  • Acknowledgments
  • A Note on Translation, Transliteration, and References
  • Introduction: Life and Work
    • Persian Women Poets
    • A Historical Sketch of Zhāle’s Time
    • Zhāle’s Poetry
    • Themes in Zhāle’s Poetry: Her Husband
    • The Position of Women
    • Living in a Harem
    • Zhāle as a Mother
    • The Samovar
    • The Mirror as a Companion
    • The Curler as a Companion
    • Conclusion
  • Zhāle’s Collected Poetry
    • A Message to Women of the Future
    • What Would Have Been?
    • Women and the Mirror
    • Depiction of Existence
    • Far from a Child
    • The Difference between Men and Women
    • Love and Benevolence
    • To Unborn Child
    • On Child’s Death
    • Reproach to My Husband
    • The Dungeon of the Harem
    • A Mother’s Duty
    • The Rights of Men and Women
    • The Night of Apprehensions
    • Love
    • Conversation with a Sewing Machine
    • Advice for the Sisters
    • Complaint against the Comb
    • Answering the Letter of a Friend
    • Sharing Pain with the Samovar
    • Mother’s Love
    • Longing for Love
    • A Favor from the Mirror
    • A Childish Judgment
    • Jealous
    • The Widow
    • A Memory of the Time I Was Married
    • Sharing Pain with a Mirror
    • A Picture in Golden Frame
    • Claiming Chastity
    • A Husband, Not an Intimate
    • A Fitting Husband
    • A Love Poem
    • Thoughts of a Concubine
    • Insult
    • Throwing Insults
    • After My Husband’s Death
    • The Lover of Love
    • Predicting Women’s Freedom
    • Impossible Love
    • Confession
    • Bandit
    • Hair Curler
    • Message to the Unborn
    • An Unstable Wish
    • Problem
    • A Serious Joke
    • The Trace of Oh
    • Far from the Child
    • Cutting the Hand
    • Bidding Farewell
    • A Firm Answer
  • Works Cited
  • Index

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