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Hellenic Studies Series 64

Between Thucydides and Polybius

The Golden Age of Greek Historiography

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ISBN 9780674428348

Publication Date: 09/22/2014


  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Introduction [Giovanni Parmeggiani]
  • 2. Looking for the Invisible [Riccardo Vattuone]
  • 3. Rethinking Isocrates and Historiography [John Marincola]
  • 4. At the Boundary of Historiography [Roberto Nicolai]
  • 5. The Use of Documents in Xenophon’s Hellenica [Cinzia Bearzot]
  • 6. The Causes of the Peloponnesian War [Giovanni Parmeggiani]
  • 7. Ephorus in Context [Nino Luraghi]
  • 8. Ephorus, Polybius, and τὰ καθόλου γράφειν [John Tully]
  • 9. Greek Monographs on the Persian World [Dominique Lenfant]
  • 10. The Sick Man of Asia? [Christopher Tuplin]
  • 11. Local History, Polis History, and the Politics of Place [Rosalind Thomas]
  • 12. The Tools of Memory [Sarah Ferrario]
  • 13. Aristotle and History [Lucio Bertelli]
  • Index Locorum
  • Subject Index

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