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Value and Income

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Publication Date: 01/01/1931

286 pages


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  • Preface
  • I. Wants, Cost, Choice
    • Interest and Preference
    • Cost and Choice
  • II. Market Pricing
    • Demand Schedules
    • Partial Monopoly
    • Multiple Market Price
    • The Market for Unfinished Goods
  • III. Labor and Normal Value
    • The Causes of Scarcity
    • The Value of Scarcity Products
    • The Objective Factors in Cost
  • IV. Labor and Normal Value (Continued)
    • Unfinished Goods
    • Cost of Production and Value
    • The Nature of Normal Value
  • V. Rent and Value: Agriculture
    • The Uses of Land
    • Producing One Commodity
    • Producing Several Commodities
  • VI. Land As a Consumers’ Good
    • The Problem of the Margin
    • Market Pricing
  • VII. The Depletion of Resources
    • The Differential Factors
    • The Rate of Exploitation
    • Intensive Exploitation
    • Mining Royalties
  • VIII. Investment and Interest
    • The Sources of Interest
    • The Yield Schedules for Savings
    • The Rate of Interest
    • Interest and Value
  • IX. Labor’s Share: The Rent Deduction
    • The Communistic and Individualistic Systems
    • The Contractual System
  • X. Labor’s Share (continued)
    • The Concentration of Ownership
    • The Interest Deduction
  • XI. The Supply of Labor
    • The “Encouragement of Industry”
    • The Desirability of Income
    • The Costs of Labor
    • The Lesson of Experience
  • XII. The Number of Laborers
    • The Number of Idle
    • The Growth of Population
  • XIII. The Supply of Land and Savings
    • The Supply of Land
    • The Supply of Savings
  • XIV. The Distribution of the Factors
    • The Distribution of Labor
    • The Distribution of Land
    • The Distribution of Savings
    • Risk and Risk-bearing
  • XV. Wages of Management
    • The Management of Labor
    • The Management of Investments
    • The Supply of Management
    • Risk-bearing
  • XVI. Uncertainty and Profit
    • The Nature of Profits
    • The Burden of Uncertainty
  • XVII. Enterprise and Profit
    • Types of Enterprise
    • Charges for Labor and Uncertainty-bearing
    • The Supply of Enterprisers
    • Entrepreneur Expenses
  • XVIII. Value: A Recapitulation
  • Index

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