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Browning’s Youth

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ISBN 9780674429796

Publication Date: 01/01/1977

490 pages

60 illustrations


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  • Part One. Early Environment
    • I. Introduction: Seeing Young Browning Plain
    • II. Camberwell and New Cross
    • III. Family
    • IV. Self-Consciousness
      • 1. Domestic Life
      • 2. Evangelical Religion
      • 3. Nature
    • V. Objectivity
      • 1. Quirky Types
      • 2. An Encyclopedic Outlook
      • 3. Our Set
      • 4. Family Cosmopolitanism
    • VI. Art
      • 1. The Artistic Environment
      • 2. The Significance of Art
      • 3. Perishable Idols
  • Part Two. The Development of a Poetic Nature: First Steps
    • VII. Precocious Beginnings
      • 1. An Itch for Rhyming
      • 2. Giants of Old
    • VIII. A Sentimental Education: The Flowers
    • IX. Sun-Treader: First Flight
      • 1. Shelley Discovered: “A Spell to Me Alone”
      • 2. A Poetic Conversion
      • 3. Ambiguities: Pauline
      • 4. Pauline: Alternatives
      • 5. The Shelleyan Heritage
  • Part Three. Education
    • X. Schooling and Society
      • 1. Educational Alternatives
      • 2. The Very Respectable Establishment Opposite Rye-lane
      • 3. Interlude: Home Tutoring and Millennial Hopes
    • XI. The London University
      • 1. Fair Girl That Comes a Withered Hag
      • 2. A Practical University
      • 3. Some Practical Decisions
    • XII. Rededication: Toward Humanity and the Human Past
    • XIII. A Poet’s Education: Tradition as Found
      • 1. Curious Knowledge
      • 2. A European Culture
      • 3. The Legacy of Protestant Culture
      • 4. Starry Paladins: Renaissance Ideals
      • 5. Excellent and Indispensable Eighteenth Century
    • XIV. A Poet’s Education: Limits and Promise
      • 1. Science: The Failure to Connect
      • 2. History: Prelude
      • 3. Education: Conclusions
  • Appendixes
    • A. Ancestry and Contemporary Relatives of Robert Browning (including Genealogical Charts)
    • B. Checklist of Sketchbooks, Notebooks, and Manuscripts of Robert Browning Sr.
    • C. Contributions of Robert Browning to The Trifler
    • D. Sarah Flower Adams’ Marginalia in Her Copy of Pauline
  • Abbreviations Used in Notes
  • Notes
  • Index

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