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Evolution of African Mammals

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Publication Date: 02/01/1979

641 pages

77 line drawings, 66 halftones


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  • 1. Present-Day Mammals of Africa [R. C. Bigalke]
  • 2. Africa: The Physical Setting [Η. B. S. Cooke]
  • 3. Mesozoic Mammals [A. W. Crompton and F. A. Jenkins, Jr.]
  • 4. Insectivores and Chiroptera [P. M. Butler]
  • 5. Rodentia and Lagomorpha [R. Lavocat]
  • 6. Prosimian Primates [A. C. Walker]
  • 7. Cercopithecidae and Parapithecidae [E. L. Simons and E. Delson]
  • 8. Cenozoic Apes [E. L. Simons, P. Andrews, and D. R. Pilbeam]
  • 9. Ramapithecus [E. L. Simons and D. R. Pilbeam]
  • 10. Hominidae [F. C. Howell]
  • 11. Carnivora [R. J. G. Savage]
  • 12. Pholidota and Tubulidentata [B. Patterson]
  • 13. Embrithropoda [L. G. Tanner]
  • 14. Hyracoidea [G. E. Meyer]
  • 15. Deinotherioidea and Barytherioidea [J. M. Harris]
  • 16. Moeritherioidea [Y. Coppens and M. Beden]
  • 17. Proboscidea [Y. Coppens, V. J. Maglio, C. T. Madden, and M. Beden]
  • 18. Chalicotheriidae [P. Μ. Butler]
  • 19. Rhinocerotidae [D. A. Hooijer]
  • 20. Equidae [C. S. Churcher and M. L. Richardson]
  • 21. Anthracotheriidae [C. C. Black]
  • 22. Suidae and Tayassuidae [Η. B. S. Cooke and A. F. Wilkinson]
  • 23. Hippopotamidae [S. C. Coryndon]
  • 24. Cervidae and Palaeomerycidae [W. R. Hamilton]
  • 25. Giraffidae [C. S. Churcher]
  • 26. Tragulidae and Camelidae [A. W. Gentry]
  • 27. Bovidae [A. W. Gentry]
  • 28. Sirenia [D. P. Domning]
  • 29. Cetacea [L. G. Barnes and E. D. Mitchell]
  • 30. Patterns of Faunal Evolution [V. J. Maglio]
  • Index

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