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Henry Adams

The Middle Years

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ISBN 9780674432543

Publication Date: 01/01/1958

514 pages

Belknap Press


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  • 1. The Return of the Native
    • A. Flowering Judas and Laissez Faire
    • B. The Social Vortex
    • C. Science and Politics
  • 2. The Admirable Alien
    • A. The Better Part of Valor
    • B. The Failure of a Hero
    • C. Problems of Political Biography
  • 3. The Great American Mystery
    • A. The Education of Madeleine Lee
    • B. A Gallery of Odds and Ends
    • C. Critics and Hoaxes
    • D. A Riot of Interests
  • 4. European Orbit
    • A. Searching Archives
    • B. Balshazzar’s Feast
    • C. Old Friends and New
    • D. Means and Ends
  • 5. Golden Age of Lafayette Square
    • A. The Pursuit of Art
    • B. Political Ebb-tide
    • C. Vanity Fair
    • D. The Five of Hearts
  • 6. Portraits in Acid
    • A. The Virginia Don Quixote
    • B. The Mephistopheles of Politics
    • C. Work and the Flight of Years
  • 7. The Warfare between Science and Religion
    • A. A Literary Conundrum
    • B. The Dilemmas of Determinism
    • c. As Sight of God
    • D. The Lesson of the Falls
  • 8. The Forsaken Garden
    • A. Point of No Return
    • B. Between Oneself and Eternity
  • 9. The Season of Nirvana
    • A. Floating down Niagara
    • B. Antechambers to Mystery
    • C. Through History to Buddha
    • D. Preparing for the Press
  • 10. Decline and Fall of the Hero
    • A. The Social Dynamics of Democracy
    • B. A New Order of Man
    • C. Toward a Theory of Progress
    • D. Resolution of Forces
  • 11. Art and Scholarship
    • A. In the Dissecting Room
    • B. Drama and Paradox
    • C. Changed Perspectives
    • D. A Belated Ulysses
  • Appendix
  • Notes
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • 1959 Bancroft Prize, Columbia University
  • 1959 Francis Parkman Prize, Society of American Historians
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