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Urban Growth and the Circulation of Information

The United States System of Cities, 1790–1840

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Publication Date: 01/01/1973

348 pages

15 figures, 32 maps, 51 tables

Harvard Studies in Urban History


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  • Introduction
  • 1. Pretelegraphic Information Circulation: A Prelude
    • The Speed of Information Flows
    • Spatial Biases in Information Availability
  • 2. The Long-Distance Flow of Information through Newspapers
    • Types and Functions of Information Carried
    • Spatial Biases in the Availability of European Information
    • Spatial Biases in the Availability of Domestic Information
  • 3. Postal Services and Long-Distance Information Flows
    • Expansion, Postage Rates, and Clientele
    • Route Development and Regional Variations
    • Urban Concentration of Postal Activity
    • The Concentration of Foreign Mail in New York
  • 4. Interurban Commodity Flows and Long-Distance Information Circulation
    • Long-Distance Domestic Trade
    • Atlantic and Gulf Coast Ports
    • Interior River and Lake Ports
  • 5. Interurban Travel Flows and Long-Distance Information Circulation
    • Interurban Travel Costs
    • Clientele of Interurban Common Carriers
    • Interurban Travel Volumes
    • Interurban Travel Times
  • 6. An Urban-System Interpretation of the Growth of Large Cities
    • Urban Systems and Subsystems
    • A Submodel of Urban-Size Growth fro the Mercantile City
    • A Model of Large-City Rank Stability for the Urban System and Three Subsystems
    • Large-City Interdependence and Innovation Diffusion
  • 7. Pretelegraphic Patterns of Interurban Innovation Diffusion
    • Banking
    • Horse-Drawn Omnibuses and Intraurban Street Railways
    • The Cholera Epidemic of 1832
    • The Suspension of Specie Payments During the Panic of 1837
    • Daily Newspapers and the Penny Press
    • Steam Engines
    • Other Interurban Diffusion Processes
    • The Locational Pattern of Inventions
    • Immigration and Foreign Travel
    • Variations in Business Attitudes and Behavior
  • 8. Modern Policy Ramifications
  • Abbreviations
  • Notes
  • Index

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