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Queen of Navarre

Jeanne d’Albret, 1528–1572

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Publication Date: 01/01/1968

503 pages

Belknap Press


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  • Prologue
  • I. The Twig Is Bent, 1528–1537
    • A Norman Childhood
    • Education of a Princess
    • La Mignonne de Deux Rois?
  • II. Adolescent Pawn, 1538–1548
    • Parental Ambitions and Frustrations
    • The Cleves Marriage, 1540–1541
    • Denouement of the Cleves Marriage, 1541–1545
    • Adolescent Rebellion, 1540–1548
    • Contented Pawn, 1548
  • III. Bride and Daughter, 1548–1555
    • The Bride and her Mother, 1549
    • A Soldier’s Wife, 1550–1553
    • Bittersweet Motherhood, 1553
    • Father and Daughter
  • IV. King and Queen, 1555–1558
    • Antoine and the Hapsburgs
  • V. The Path to Conversion, 1555–1560
    • Antoine, Jeanne, and the Reform, 1555–July 1559
    • Antoine, Jeanne, and the Reform, July 1559–December 1560
  • VI. A Husband Lost, A Party Gained, January 1561–February 1562
    • The Flood Tide of Calvinism, September 1561–January 1562
    • Counteroffensive, November 1561–February 1562
    • The Parting of the Ways, January–March 1562
  • VII. Strategic Neutrality: The First Civil War, March 1562–March 1563
    • Jeanne and Monluc: The Initial Conflict
    • Jeanne and Antoine: The Final Phase
  • VIII. Precarious Independence, 1563–1567
    • Reform and Self-Defense, March 1563–Match 1564
    • Jeanne and the Crown, 1564–1566
    • Jeanne in Paris, 1566
  • IX. Jeanne Brouillée
  • X. Queen and Administrator, 1555–1572
    • Henri d’Albret’s Successor
    • The Religious Establishment
    • Vengeance or Justice?
  • XI. Party Leader and Diplomat, 1568–1570
    • The Great Decision, March-September, 1568
    • Minister of Propaganda and Foreign Affairs
    • Active Leadership
    • Queen of Huguenot France : Jeanne at La Rochelle
  • XII. Jeanne and Catherine de Medici
    • Earlier Contacts, 1533–1569
    • Negotiating the Peace, November 1569–August 1570
    • Implementing the Peace, August 1570–August 1571
  • XIII. Confrontation: The Marriage Treaty, September 1571–April 1572
    • Catherine’s Offensive
    • Jeanne Embattled
  • XIV. The Readiness Is All
  • XV. A Rich Legacy
    • Henri’s Childhood, 1553–1567
    • Training for Kingship, 1567–1572
    • Catherine de Bourbon and Adopted Daughters
  • Epilogue
  • Appendix A. A Note on Estates
  • Appendix B. The Wars of Religion and Huguenot Resistance Theory
  • Appendix С. Jeanne’s Ecclesiastical Ordinances
  • Appendix D. Jeanne’s Alleged Secret Marriage
  • Bibliographical Comment
  • Notes
  • Index

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