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Identification Guide to the Ant Genera of the World

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$106.50 • £85.95 • €96.00

ISBN 9780674442801

Publication Date: 06/01/1994


232 pages

531 halftones, 2 tables


  • Introduction
    • Problems of Classification
    • Outline of Zoogeography
    • Preparation of Specimens
    • Organization and Use of the Book
  • The Family Formicidae
    • Diagnosis of the Family Formicidae
    • The Extant Subfamilies
    • Key to Subfamilies Based on External Morphology
    • New Format Key in Subfamilies
    • Subfamily Aenictinae
    • Subfamily Aenictogitoninae
    • Subfamily Aneuretinae
    • Subfamily Apomyrminae
    • Subfamily Cerapachyinae
    • Subfamily Dolichoderinae
    • Subfamily Dorylinae
    • Subfamily Ecitoninae
    • Subfamily Formicinae
    • Subfamily Leptanillinae
    • Subfamily Leptanillodinae
    • Subfamily Myrmeciinae
    • Subfamily Myrmicinae
    • Subfamily Nothomyrmeciinae
    • Subfamily Ponerinae
    • Subfamily Psuedomyrmecinae
  • The Extinct Subfamilies
    • Subfamily Armaniinae
    • Subfamily Formiciinae
    • Subfamily Sphecomyrminae
    • Subfamily Paleosminteurinae
  • References to Faunistic Studies
  • Glossary of Morphological Terms
  • Bibliography
  • Index and Checklist

Awards & Accolades

  • 1994 Professional and Scholarly Publishing Award of the Association of American Publishers, Biological Science Category
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