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In Face of Mystery

A Constructive Theology

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Publication Date: 03/15/1995


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  • Preface
  • I. Introduction: Theology as Construction
    • 1. The Question of God
    • 2. Theology: One-Dimensional, Two-Dimensional, or Holistic?
    • 3. Theology as a Human Imaginative Task
    • 4. Theological Construction and Faith
    • 5. Mystery, Theology, and Conversation
    • 6. The Christian World-Picture (I): The Monotheistic Categorial Scheme
    • 7. The Christian World-Picture (II): The Category of Christ
  • II. Constructing a Concept of the Human
    • 8. Historicity and Biology
    • 9. Humanity in the World
    • 10. Toward a Normative Concept of the Human
    • 11. Agency and Self-Reflexiveness as Sociohistorically Constituted
    • 12. Subjectivity, Experience, and Freedom
    • 13. The Interpenetration of Action with Reflection
    • 14. An Ecological Ethic
    • 15. The Corruption of Historicity: Freedom and Evil
    • 16. Historicity and Religion
  • III. Constructing a Concept of the Context of Human Existence: The World
    • 17. Small Steps of Faith
    • 18. Cosmic Visions and Human Meaning
    • 19. Serendipitous Creativity
    • 20. Directional Movements in a Serendipitous Universe
  • IV. Constructing a Concept of an Ultimate Point of Reference: God
    • 21. Functions of the Symbol “God”
    • 22. Reconstructing the Concept of God
    • 23. Faith in God (I)
    • 24. Sin and Evil
    • 25. A Wider Christology
    • 26. Christ as Paradigm for God and for Humanity
    • 27. A Trinitarian God
  • V. Faith and Life in Today’s World
    • 28. Theocentric Faith and the Churches
    • 29. Faith in God (II): Christian Theocentrism
  • Notes
  • Name Index
  • Subject Index
  • Index of Scriptural References
  • Figure 1
  • Figure 2
  • Figure 3: Interrelation of action and reflection
  • Figure 4: Christian theological construction: “small steps” of faith leading to a modern understanding of God

Awards & Accolades

  • Co-Winner, 1995 Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion, Constructive-Reflective Studies Category, American Academy of Religion

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