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In Support of Families

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ISBN 9780674447356

Publication Date: 11/18/1986


304 pages

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Through poignant case histories, reviews of research, and policy analyses, the book demonstrates how support from all systems—educational, health care, and governmental—is vital to families… The strength of this book lies in its discussion of social policy, its well-defined approach to problems, and its delineation of successful factors in programs that have provided support for families and children. It is an invaluable resource for physicians, therapists, educators, and social workers interested in policy changes to help families.The New England Journal of Medicine

Offers a multidimensional survey of ways in which individual and family units cope with stress. The fifteen essays…present fresh slants on such subjects as single mothers, family life and corporate policies, teenage pregnancy, and education of families for parenting. Although targeted for therapists and specialists in family service agencies, this is also a helpful resource for laypersons interested in the changing status of families.Cultural Information Service

This book examines the impact of stress on the family and offers a new perspective on methods of coping… In Support of Families lives up to its title and is highly recommended for all professionals who work with individuals as well as with families. The family systems model provides a clear and pragmatic focus, and it is refreshing to see the strengths and resiliencies in families emphasized.Hospital and Community Psychiatry

This readable and significant book should be of wide appeal to mental health professionals; one hopes that its message will also reach policy makers.Readings

This timely and integrated anthology of papers from the field gives a humanistic and scholarly approach to the subject… Sensitive and insightful.Yale Scientific

Recommended as an excellent sourcebook for those interested in long-term coping strategies.—J. S. McCrary, Choice

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