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Innocence and Experience

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ISBN 9780674454491

Publication Date: 10/01/1991


204 pages

6 x 9 inches


Related Subjects

  • Introduction
  • 1. Parts of the Soul
    • Reason and the Soul
    • Justice and the Soul
    • Thought and Reflection
    • Reason and Imagination
    • Language and Knowledge
  • 2. Justice and History
    • Practical Reasoning
    • Procedural Justice and Historical Possibility
    • Reply to Relativism
    • Nazism and Evil
    • Basic Procedural Justice
  • 3. Hume’s Ghost
    • False Isolation
    • Value Judgments
    • Possibilities and Presuppositions
    • Fact and Value
    • Kinds of Possibility
    • Good and Evil Again
    • Procedural Justice: A Summary
    • Hume’s Last Reply
  • 4. Individuality and Memory
    • Memory and Variety
    • Individuals and History
    • Imagination
    • Transcendence
    • Virtue and Justice
    • The Dual Aspect of Morality
    • Justice and Pluralism
    • Justice and Liberal Assumptions
    • Attachment to the Past
    • Conflicts about Duty
    • Conceptions of the Good: Nietzsche
  • 5. Morality and Machiavelli
    • Machiavelli’s Problem
    • Towards a Reply
    • Innocence and Experience Illustrated
    • History Again
    • Justice and the Dispossessed
    • A Reply to Machiavelli
  • Index

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