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The Intellectual Resistance in Europe

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Wilkinson has illuminated in a subtle and perceptive way a crucial period of European intellectual history.—James Joll, The New Republic

James D. Wilkinson’s thought-provoking and richly detailed book tells how the war acted as a catalyst for this group, leading them into an intense period of self-examination.—Kenneth Noble, The New York Times Book Review

Crisply written and well organized, his book has a swift pace… Wilkinson’s summaries inspire confidence, just as his unobtrusive critical comments offer useful benchmarks.—Jim Miller, Salmagundi

This first work promises a brilliant career… Wilkinson’s book is tight-knit, well-organized and structured, and couched in remarkably graceful and lucid prose. Indeed, for lucidity I can only compare it with the writing of Stuart Hughes… I think that a great many readers will turn to this study as the most thoughtful and enlightening account of an important though frustrating episode in intellectual history.—Gordon Wright

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