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Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series 17

An Introduction to Sung Poetry

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ISBN 9780674462502

Publication Date: 01/01/1967


  • Foreword
  • Translator’s Preface
  • I. The Nature of Sung Poetry
    • The Sung Period
    • The Place of Poetry in Sung Literature
    • Narrative Tendencies in Sung Poetry
    • The Concern for Daily Life in Sung Poetry
    • The Sense of Social Involvement
    • The Philosophical and Discursive Nature of Sung Poetry
    • The Sung View of Human Life and the Transcendence of Sorrow
    • T’ang Poetry and Sung Poetry: A Contrast
    • The Attainment of Serenity
    • The Diction of Sung Poetry
    • The Place of Sung in the History of Chinese Poetry
    • Nature in Sung Poetry
  • II. A Transitional Period at the Beginning of the Northern Sung: 960–1000
    • Hsi-k’un Style and Imitations of Late T’ang
    • Other Minor Poets: Lin Pu and K’ou Chun
    • Wang Yüch’eng
  • III. The Middle Period of the Northern Sung: 1000–1050
    • Ou-yang Hsiu
    • Mei Yao-ch’en
    • Su Shun-ch’in
    • Fan Chung-yen, Han Ch’i, and Shao Yung
  • IV. Late Period of the Northern Sung: 1050–1100
    • Wang An-Shih
    • Su Tung-p’o
    • Huang T’ingchien
    • Ch’en Shih-tao
  • V. End of the Northern Sung and Beginning of the Southern Sung: 1100–1150
    • The Chiang-hsi School
    • Ch’en Yü-yi
  • VI. The Middle Years of the Southern Sung: 1150–1200
    • Lu Yu
    • Fan Ch’eng-ta
    • Yang Wan-li
    • Chu Hsi, and Others
  • VII. The End of the Southern Sung: 1200–1280
    • Poets among the Common People
    • The Four Lings of Yung-chia
    • The Chiang-hu, or River and Lake School
    • Tai Fu-ku
    • Liu K’o-chuang
    • The San-t’i-shih, Shih-jen yü-hsieh, and Ts’ang-lang shih-hua
    • Wen T’ien-hsiang, Poet of Resistance
  • Finding List

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