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John Keats

Poetry Manuscripts at Harvard, a Facsimile Edition

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ISBN 9780674477759

Publication Date: 02/01/1990


288 pages

129 halftones

Belknap Press


  • Editor’s Introduction
  • The Living Hand of Keats: An Essay on the Manuscripts, by Helen Vendler
  • Facsimiles of the Holographs
    • 1. On Receiving a Curious Shell, and a Copy of Verses, from the Same Ladies (fair copy)
    • 2. Happy is England! I could be content (fair copy)
    • 3. To My Brother George (pencil draft)
    • 4. To My Brother George (flair copy)
    • 5. On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer (draft or early fair copy)
    • 6. To My Brothers (pencil draft) 1–8
    • 7. To My Brothers (fair copy)
    • 8. To My Brothers (fair copy)
    • 9. Addressed to the Same [B. R. Haydon] (fair copy)
    • 10. To G. A. W (fair copy)
    • 11. I stood tip-toe upon a little hill (parts of the draft)
    • 12. I stood tip-toe upon a little hill (fair copy)
    • 13. Written in Disgust of Vulgar Superstition (draft)
    • 14. On Receiving a Laurel Crown from Leigh Hunt (fair copy)
    • 15. To the Ladies Who Saw Me Crown’d (fair copy)
    • 16. To Haydon with a Sonnet Written on Seeing the Elgin Marbles (fair copy)
    • 17. On Seeing the Elgin Marbles (fair copy)
    • 18. God of the golden bow (draft)
    • 19. On a Leander Which Miss Reynolds, My Kind Friend, Gave Me (draft)
    • 20. O grant that like to Peter I (draft and revision)
    • 21. Apollo to the Graces (draft?)
    • 22. Lines on Seeing a Lock of Milton’s Hair (draft)
    • 23. Lines on the Mermaid Tavern (fair copy)
    • 24. To. J. R. (draft?)
    • 25. Isabella (parts of the draft)
    • 26. There is a joy in footing slow across a silent plain (draft?)
    • 27. Hush, hush, tread softly, hush, hush, my dear (draft?)
    • 28. The Eve of St. Agnes (draft)
    • 29. Song of Four Fairies (fair copy)
    • 30. Shed no tear-O shed no tear (fair copy?)
    • 31. Otho the Great (parts of the draft)
    • 32. Lamia (parts of the draft)
    • 33. Lamia (fair copy)
    • 34. To Autumn (draft)
    • 35. To Fanny (draft)
    • 36. King Stephen (parts of the draft)
    • 37. The Jealousies (parts of the draft)
    • 38. This living hand, now warm and capable (draft)
  • Notes to the Manuscripts

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