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Harvard English Studies 12

Johnson and His Age

Edited by James Engell

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ISBN 9780674480759

Publication Date: 05/16/1985


592 pages


Harvard English Studies


  • Johnson’s Life and Thought
    • Johnson and the Meaning of Life [Lawrence Lipking]
    • Johnson’s Lives of the English Poets and the Earlier Traditions of the Character Sketch in England [Martine Watson Brownley]
    • Johnson and Mrs. Thrale: The Beginning and the End [John Riely]
    • Thomas Hollis and Samuel Johnson [W. H. Bond]
    • The Vision of Theodore: Genre, Context, Early Reception [Gwin Kolb]
    • Steevens and Johnson [John H. Middendorf]
    • Minim and the Great Cham: Smollett and Johnson on the Prospect of an English Academy [James G. Basker]
    • Johnson, Traveling Companion, in Fancy and Fact [Bertrand H. Bronson]
  • A Critical Conspectus
    • Some Limits in Johnson’s Literary Criticism [John D. Boyd, S.J.]
    • The Antinomy of Style in Augstan Poetics [Emerson R. Marks]
    • The Source, and End, and Test of Art: Hume’s Critique [James Engell]
    • The Anglo-Scottish Critics: Toward a Romantic Theory of Imitation [John L. Mahoney]
    • Adam, Tinker, and Newton [Mary Hyde]
  • Poets, Statesmen, Historians, Artists
    • Gray’s “Progress of Poesy” and “The Bard”: An Essay in Literary Transmission [Howard D. Weinbrot]
    • Hogarth’s Graphic Friendships: Illustrating Books by Friends [Robert Halsband]
    • Gibbon’s Silences [W. B. Carnochan]
    • Burke’s American Tragedy [Gerald Chapman]
    • “What Seems To Be: Is” Blake’s Idea of God [Jean H. Hagstrum]
  • The Novel
    • From Richardson to Austen: “Johnson’s Rule” and the Development of the Eighteenth-Century Novel of Moral Action [Ralph W. Rader]
    • Women and the City [Patricia Meyer Spacks]
    • Sterne and Swift: Augustan Continuities [Max Byrd]
    • Engendering Accounts in Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey [Melinda Alliker Rabb]
    • “Straightforward Emotions and Zigzag Embarrassments” in Austen’s Emma [Alex Page]

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