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Harvard Historical Studies 90

Josiah Quincy, 1772–1864

The Last Federalist

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Publication Date: 01/01/1974


  • 1. A Dubious Legacy
    • Of Good Estate
    • The Patriot
    • Preparations in the Traditional Mode
  • 2. A Federalist from Principle
    • Forced into the Lists
    • The Federalist Persuasion
    • Thick-Skinned Beasts Will Crowd Congress Hall
    • Our Opponents Are Better Politicians
  • 3. The Politics of Exasperation
    • Whistling in the Dark
    • That Cemetery of All Comfort
    • I Live, However, Happy
  • 4. Escape into War
    • The Great Transgression
    • Dull Times
    • A Worthy Experiment
  • 5. Between Jobs
    • On the Homefront
    • Busy with Nothing to Do
    • Among the Whores and Rogues
  • 6. Back to Work
    • A Very Hazardous Thing for a People to Do
    • The Darling of the Boston Democracy
    • Its First Public Officer
  • 7. Quincy’s Boston
    • To Make Vice Less Obtrusive
    • Might As Well Be Fitted at the Publick Expense
    • This Poor Exhausted Body Politic
  • 8. The Making of a Schoolmaster
    • The Augustan Age
    • There’s a President for You
    • A Bone for Old Quin’ to Pick
  • 9. Toward a University
    • A Chivalric Expedition
    • An End to Scholastic Uniformity
    • The President as Mendicant
    • Into the Politico-Theologico Sea
  • 10. A Final Eminence
    • Nestor
    • Father and Sons
    • The Only True Conservative Doctrine
    • Land after a Long Navigation
  • Bibliographical Note on the Manuscript Collections
  • Abbreviations
  • Notes
  • Index

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