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Judaism, Human Values, and the Jewish State

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Publication Date: 08/11/1995


328 pages

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  • Introduction [Eliezer Goldman]
  • I. Faith
    • 1. Religious Praxis: The Meaning of Halakhah
    • 2. Of Prayer
    • 3. The Reading of Shema
    • 4. Fear of God in the Book of Job
    • 5. Divine Governance: A Maimonidean View
    • 6. Lishmah, and Not-Lishmah
    • 7. The Uniqueness of the Jewish People
    • 8. The Individual and Society in Judaism
    • 9. Ahistorical Thinkers in Judaism
    • 10. The Religious and Moral Significance of the Redemption of Israel
    • 11. Redemption and the Dawn of Redemption
    • 12. The Status of Women: Halakhah and Meta-Halakhah
    • 13. Religion and Science in the Middle Ages and in the Modern Era
  • II. Religion, People, State
    • 14. The Social Order as a Religious Problem
    • 15. The Crisis of Religion in the State of Israel
    • 16. A Call for the Separation of Religion and State
    • 17. After Kibiyeh
    • 18. Jewish Identity and Israeli Silence
    • 19. The Jew in His Community, on His Land, and in the World
    • 20. The Religious Significance of the State of Israel
  • III. The Political Scene
    • 21. The Territories
    • 22. Right, Law, and Reality
    • 23. A Jewish State or an Unpartitioned Eretz-Israel
    • 24. Occupation and Terror
    • 25. Forty Years After
  • IV. Judaism and Christianity
    • 26. Hochhut’s Error
    • 27. “The Common Judeo-Christian Heritage”
  • Notes
  • Sources and Translations
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • A New York Times Notable Book of 1992

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