Cover: Women and National Trauma in Late Imperial Chinese Literature, from Harvard University PressCover: Women and National Trauma in Late Imperial Chinese Literature in HARDCOVER

Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series 92

Women and National Trauma in Late Imperial Chinese Literature

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ISBN 9780674492042

Publication Date: 08/11/2014


  • Acknowledgments
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • 1. Male Voices Appropriating Feminine Diction
    • Passing for a Woman
    • A Woman’s Choices: Transparent and Hidden Analogies
    • Feminine Diction and Political Readings
    • Negotiating Political Choices
    • Forging Literary Communities through a Poetics of Indirectness
    • Revelations through Hiddenness
  • 2. Female Voices Appropriating Masculine Diction
    • Revisiting Feminine Diction
    • The Terms of Historical Engagement
    • Heroes: Failures and Fantasies
    • When Is a Sword a Sword?
    • The Rhetoric of Friendship
    • Gender Discontent
    • Women on Writing
    • “Our Husband Is China”
  • 3. Heroic Transformations
    • Contexts of Literary History
    • The Daughter’s Patrimony in an Age of Disorder
    • Female Hero as Indictment
    • Female Hero as Apology
    • Taming the Female Hero
    • Inventing the Female Hero
    • Female Heroes and National Salvation
  • 4. The Fate of Pleasures and Passions
    • Defending Pleasures and Passions
    • Romantic Moralists
    • Writing About Women, Writing Women
    • Concubine as Martial Ghost: Wang Sun and Zhou Lianggong
    • Courtesan as Poet-Historian: Bian Sai and Wu Weiye
    • The Hidden Loyalist: Liu Rushi and Qian Qianyi
    • Salvageable Passions
  • 5. Victimhood and Agency
    • The Discursive Space Defining the Abducted Woman
    • Variables of Poetic Traces
    • Private and Public Passions
    • Political and Apolitical Chastity
    • Compromised Chastity
    • Crossing Boundaries
  • 6. Judgment and Nostalgia
    • The Women of Yangzhou
    • The Logic of Blame
    • The Logic of Praise
    • Remembering and Forgetting
    • Second-Generation Memory
    • The Elusive Femme Fatale
    • Judgment and Redemption
  • Aftermath
  • Works Cited
  • Index

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