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Politics in War

The Bases of Political Community in South Vietnam

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Publication Date: 11/01/1973

313 pages


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  • 1. Political Community and Political Order in South Vietnam
    • Political Community as a Political Variable
    • The Legislature as a Micropolitical Community
  • 2. Government versus Politics: Traditional Political Institutions and the Absence of Political Community in Vietnam
    • Legislative Traditions in Precolonial and Colonial Vietnam
    • The Legislature and Independence
    • The Legislature and Political Organization in Vietnam
  • 3. Elections and Political Participation in South Vietnam
    • The Electoral Process in South Vietnam
    • “Struggle Six”: Elections as a Political Demand
    • The 1966-67 Elections and Political Participation
  • 4. Representation as Participation: Bases for Conflict and Accommodation
    • Representation and Elite Selection
    • Political Divisions within the Elected Elite
    • Political Socialization: Bases of Conflict and Accommodation within the Lower House
  • 5. Government under the Second Republic: Consolidation versus the Creation of Political Power
    • The Executive and the Military: The Thieu-Ky Conflict
    • The Impact of Consolidation upon the Process of Government
  • 6. The Executive versus the Legislature: Political Competition and Institutional Imperatives
    • The Role of the Lower House
    • Executive-Legislative Relations: The Significance of Conflict
    • The Search for Legislative Autonomy and the Limits of Constitutionalism
  • 7. Legislative Blocs as Political Participation: Doctrines of Political Organization and Competition in Transition
    • The Constituent Assembly as a Prelude
    • The Upper House: The Clique as Participation
    • Legislative Blocs in the Lower House
  • 8. Creating Public Demands: Patterns of Deputy-Constituency Relations
    • The Political Character of Constituencies in Vietnam
    • Constituency Service: A New Orientation in Vietnamese Politics
    • Patterns of Deputy-Constituency Relations
    • Constituency Service and the Demand Process
    • The Impact of Constituency Service on Province Government
  • 9. Constituency Service and the Creation of National Interests
    • The Case of the Phoenix Program
    • Legislating National Interests: Establishing a System of Due Process
  • 10. The Bases of Political Community in South Vietnam
    • Implications for Young Legislatures and Old Regimes
  • Notes
  • Index

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